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   Fishing Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: me4eva

Corrections/Additions: Mteigers

Skill Type: Free

Fishing Runescape Skill Guide:

Welcome to one of my first guides on one of my favorite skills Fishing!

Contents (Click the links to jump to that section of the guide!)

Section Supplies
Random Events
The Fishing Guild
Fishing Shops
The Best(Not-so-Secret)Fishing Areas
The Training Guide
The Fish

Section Supplies:

To be prepared for fishing you will need some basic supplies. You will need:

  • Net
  • Harpoon
  • Lobster Pot
  • Fishing Pole
  • Big Net
  • Fishing Bait
  • Feathers


Level Required to Use: 1
What it Catches and Level Required to Catch:
  • Shrimp (Level 1)
  • Anchovies (Level 15)

Fishing Rod

Level Required to Use: 5
What it Catches and Level Required to Catch:
  • Sardine (Level 5)(Sea bait)
  • Herring (Level 10)(Sea bait)
  • Pike (Level 25)(River bait)
  • Slimey eel (Members Only)(Level 28 )(River bait)

NOTE: You will need 1 bait for every fish you catch, these may be bought in most fish shops.

Fly Fishing Rod

Level Required to Use: 20
What it Catches and Level Required to Catch:
  • Trout (Level 20)
  • Salmon (Level 30)

NOTE: You will need 1 feather for every fish you catch, these may be bought in most fish shops.

Big Fishing Net (Members Only)

Level Required to Use: 16
What it Catches and Level Required to Catch:
  • Caskets
  • Seaweed
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Oyster
  • Mackerel (Level 16)
  • Cod (Level 23)
  • Bass (Level 46)


Level Required to Use: 35
What it Catches and Level Required to Catch:
  • Tuna (Level 35)
  • Swordfish (Level 50)
  • Shark (Members Only)(Level 76)

Lobster Pot

Level Required to Use: 40 What it Catches and Level Required to Catch:
  • Lobster (Level 40)

Random Events

When fishing watch out for random events such as Whirlpool, Big Fish, and Troll.

--When fishing a Whirlpool can appear, if you still fish in the same spot, it will suck in your fishing equipment and you will need to buy a new one.
--Big Fish will jump up, take your fishing item and spit it out up on the shore. It will appear close to you.
--Troll, occasionally when you fish a Troll will pop out and start to attack you. If you do manage to kill it you can get anywhere from fishing bait to a raw shark. I usually run away from these just so I can get back to my fishing.

The Fishing Guild

When a player hits level 68 fishing he/she may enter the fishing guild. It is located in Hemenster (North of Ardougne). Inside it has a range, fish store, bank, and of course lots of fishing spots.
NOTE: If you have 65 fishing you may also enter the guild with a fishing potion.

Fishing Shops

Fishing shops are located in Port Sarim, Catherby (Members Only), Shilo Village (only accessible after completing Shilo Village Quest) (Members Only), and the Fishing Guild (Members Only).
They sell fishing equipment and various types of fish.
The Rellekka Fishmonger functions the same (only accessible after completing Fremennik Trials Quest). Fish stalls are located in Rellekka, Miscellania, and Etceteria (all accessible only after doing Fremennik Trials Quest).

The Best (Not-so-Secret) Fishing Areas

Some of the best fishing spots are:

  • Barbarian Village (Fly fishing/River bait fishing)
  • Draynor Village (Net fishing/Sea bait fishing)
  • Al Kharid (Net fishing/Sea bait fishing)
  • Karamja(Free World) (Small net fishing/Sea bait fishing/Lobster fishing/harpoon fishing)
  • Catherby (Big net fishing/Harpoon fishing/Lobster fishing)
  • Fishing Guild (Big net fishing/Harpoon fishing/Lobster fishing)

The Training Guide

Levels 1-10

At this level you will need a small fishing net. You can buy one at virtually any fish shop for about 3GP. Then I recommend going over to Draynor Village and fish shrimp to level 10.

Levels 10-20

Once you hit level 10 you should start Sea bait fishing.Go buy a fishing rod and some bait (NOTE: You need exactly ONE peice of bait for the amount of fish you intend to catch, so plan for alot!) and head over to Draynor Village. Fish herring and bank them for cooking experience later.

Levels 20-35

At level 20 you can begin to fish Trout, Buy a Fly Fishing rod and some feathers. **Most fishing shops will sell feathers** (NOTE: Again you will need exactly ONE feather for each fish you intend to catch) Head over to Barbarian Village. Fish trout and either bank or drop them till level 30. Once at level 30 you can catch salmon. Stay at Barbarian Village and catch salmon to level 35.

Levels 35-40

**Members: Buy a harpoon and go to Catherby, and fish tuna till you hit level 40.
**Non-Members: Buy a harpoon and go to Karamja, and fish tuna till you hit level 40, I would even say level 45 if you were that patient, because after this step is Lobsters and those are really slow on a Non-Members world.

Levels 40-76

**Easy Way(quick) (MEMBERS ONLY): Complete the quest Shilo Village and fish trout there, the bank is so close by, all you need is around 12k feathers and you should be more than fine.
**Money Way($$)(Mostly MEMBERS ONLY): Fish lobsters at Catherby, you could fish 1k lobsters in about 2 hours (maybe less I forgot how long), you can sell 1k of lobsters for 200k. (During the time that I was working on getting my fishing to 76 I earned over 1.6Mil just from fishing lobsters)

Level 76+

**MEMBERS: From here on out you can do basically whatever you want to do, as for me I just fish shark, which is actually very profitable.
**NON-MEMBERS: If you have gotten to this point and have NEVER been a member I seriously will worship the ground that you walk on, but as for you guys all I can say is just to fish lobsters, even though it might be slow and a long walk back to falador, i t will be well worth it.

The Fish

Name Picture Heals Level needed to catch Experience gained from catching Tool needed Level needed to cook
Shrimp 3 1 10 Small fishing net 1
(Members Only)
3 5 10 Small fishing net 1
Sardine 4 5 20 Fishing rod and bait 1
Herring 5 10 30 Fishing rod and bait 5
Anchovy 3 15 40 Small Fishing Net 15
(Members Only)
6 16 20 Big Net Fishing
(Members Only)
Trout 7 20 50 Fly fishing rod
and feathers
(Members Only)
7 23 45 Big Net Fishing
(Members Only)
Pike 8 25 60 Fishing rod and bait 20
Slimey eel
(Members Only)
28 65 Fishing rod and bait 25
Salmon 9 30 70 Fly fishing rod
and feathers
Frog Spawn
(Members Only)
33 75 Small fishing net N/A
(Eaten Raw)
Tuna 10 35 80 Harpoon 30
Cave eel
(Members Only)
38 80 Fishing rod and bait 38
Lobster 12 40 90 Lobster Pot 40
(Members Only)
13 46 100 Big net fishing
(Members Only)
Swordfish 14 50 100 Harpoon 45
Lava eel
(Members Only)
14 53 60 Oily Fishing Rod
(Members Only)
(Hero's Quest)
(Members Only)
18 35 105 Karambwan Vessel
Raw Karambwanji
(Members Only)
20 76 110 Harpoon 78
Sea Turtle
(Members Only)
20 79 230 Trawler Mini-Game
(Members Only)
Manta Ray
(Members Only)
22 81 250 Trawler Mini-Game
(Members Only)

East Lobby
Here is a range, which you can use to cook food.
There is also a ladder here, nothing important up the ladder though.