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   Fletching Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: chumply

Corrections/Additions: Shevitcz, Pirate Bob

Skill Type: Members only

Fletching Runescape Skill Guide:
Fletching is a skill which allows you to fletch wood into different items, such as bows, arrows, and things mostly related around the skill, ranged.


Bows (Shortbows and longbows) ar e probably the main part of fletching. These instructions now will show you how to make a bow, then a table showing you the experience of bows.
  1. Get some wood. Make sure you have the required fletching level to fletch the certain bow
  2. Use a knife on the logs. You will get an option to chose on wether bow you would like to create
  3. Now, to string your bow, go and pick some flax. (Flax can be found in the Gnome Stronghold or else south of Seers Village.
  4. Use the flax on a spinning wheel and you will now create a bowstring
  5. Use the bowstring on the unstrung bow, and you will now have your very own bow
Bow TypeLevel Required to MakeExperience Gained (Fletched and strung)
Oak Shortbow2033
Oak Longbow2550
Willow Shortbow3566.6
Willow Longbow4083
Maple Shortbow50100
Maple Longbow55117
Yew Shortbow65133
Yew Longbow70155
Magic Shortbow80166.6
Magic Longbow85183

Arrows are probably the second most made fletching item in Runescape. Below will show you a step by step guide on how to make arrows, then there will be table explaining the level required to make a certain arrow, the exp gained, and a picture showing the arrow.
  1. To make arrows you will need 3 different things: Feathers, Shafts, and Arrow Tips.
  2. To get the feathers you will need to either buy them for about 10gp each or you can kill chickens.
  3. To get the shafts you will to either buy for about 10gp again or you can cut down normal trees and use a knife on the log and you will get 15 shafts per log.
  4. For the arrow tips you will either need to buy at archery stores or you can smith them.
  5. Once you have all 3 parts to make the arrows, you need to add the feathers to the shafts to get headless arrows. Then you will need to add the tips to the headless arrows to get the arrows.

Arrow TypeLevel ReqExp PerPicture
Arrow Shaft15
Bronze Arrow139.5
Iron Arrow1557.5
Steel Arrow3095
Mithril Arrow45132.5
Adamant Arrow60165
Rune Arrow75225

Below is a table showing the levels, experience and pictures of darts.
To Create darts, you must have completed the Tourist Trap quest.
Making Darts is simple. Just add the dart tip with a feather.

Dart TypeLevel ReqExp PerPicture
Bronze Dart118
Iron Dart2232
Steel Dart3775
Mithril Dart52112
Adamant Dart67150
Rune Dart81188

Bolt Tips
To create a bolt, just use a chisel on the required item. (This can be found by the type of bolt tip)
The exp, levels and pictures can be found below.

Bolt TypeLevel ReqExp GainedPicture
Opal Tips176
Pearl Tips3312.5
Barb Tips5195

Guide to quick levels
  1. Get logs and make them into shafts until level 35.
  2. At Level 35 you can make willow bows, so cut them but do not string as it would be a waste of money. Continue this until you get to level 70.
  3. At level 70 you can make yew longbows. Once you can do this, you can really start making money as well. Continue making Yew Longbows until level 80 and then you can make Magic Shortbows!