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   Firemaking Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: Ged

Skill Type: Free

Firemaking Runescape Skill Guide:
Firemaking is a skill which is useful for cooking, skill leveling, and other things. Although it's considered the most useless skill in Runescape, everyone can enjoy an easy fire to cook your food on, without having to try 50 times to get it lit... The levelling of the skill will also make your skill total go through the roof, while using the higher logs.


  1. Requirements to level firemaking.
  2. Experience gained per log.
  3. Burning levels.

1. Requirements to level firemaking.

First, you will need logs. These can be obtained by woodcutting. View the woodcutting guide on how you get logs. Once you have your logs, you can burn them. Make sure you have a tinderbox in your inventory, and use the log with the tinderbox. Your player, if he/she has the proper firemaking level, you will automatically burn the logs. A tinderbox looks like this:

2. Experience gained per log.

Log Type Picture Level Required to Burn Experience Gained when Burned
Normal 1 40
Oak 15 60
Willow 30 90
Maple 45 135
Yew 60 202.5
Magic 75 303