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   Prayer Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: Ged

Skill Type: Free

Prayer Runescape Skill Guide:
Prayer is the skill that says it all in the name. You pray and help increase stats for a temporary period of time, or else a few little bonuses here and there.

Prayer List:
There are many different prayers you can perform, with higher levels of prayer.

Here is a picture of your prayer screen:

Level RequiredPrayer NamePrayer Effect
1Thick SkinIncreases your defence by 5%.
4Burst of StrengthIncreases your strength by 5%.
7Clarity of ThoughtIncreases your attack by 5%.
10Rock SkinIncreases your defence by 10%.
13Superhuman StrengthIncreases your strength by 10%.
16Improved ReflexesIncreases your attack by 10%.
19Rapid Restore2x restore rate for stats except prayer/hp.
22Rapid Heal2x restore rate for Hitpoints.
25Protect ItemKeep 1 extra item if you die.
28Steel SkinIncreases your defence by 15%.
31Ultimate StrengthIncreases your strength by 15%.
34Incredible ReflexesIncreases your attack by 15%.
37Protection From MagicSome protection from magic.
40Protection From RangedSome protection from ranged.
43Protection From MeleeSome protection from melee.

When a prayer is activated, a yellow outline will appear around it:

Bone List:
To level prayer, you need to bury bones. Here is a list in what bones give what experience and where they can be obtained.

Bone NameExp Gained
*Wolf Bones*4.5
Burnt Bones4.5
*Bat Bones*5.25
Big Bones15
*Babydragon Bones*30
*Dragon Bones*72

*Bone* is a members item.

Prayer Raising Items:
There are many items in the world of RuneScape, which give you a little stat boost for prayer. The list below will show all items in their categories.

Item NamePrayer Bonus
Monk's Robe Top+6 Stat
Monk's Robe Bottom+5 Stat
*Druid Robe Top*+4 Stat
*Druid Robe Bottom*+4 Stat
Priest Robe Top+3 Stat
Priest Robe Bottom+3 Stat
*Zamorak's Robe Top*+3 Stat
*Zamorak's Robe Bottom*+3 Stat
Blessed Holy Symbol+8 Stat
*Unholy Symbol of Zamorak*+8 Stat
*Amulet of Glory*+3 Stat
*Dragon Mace*+5 Stat
Rune Mace+4 Stat
Adamant Mace+3 Stat
Mith ril Mace+3 Stat
Black Mace+2 Stat
Steel Mace+2 Stat
Iron Mace+1 Stat
Bronze Mace+1 Stat

*Members item*