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   Runecrafting Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: Ged

Corrections/Additions: dylanator

Skill Type: Free

Runecrafting Runescape Skill Guide:
Runecrafting was the first skill made on the newer version of Runescape. The purpose of Runecrafting is for you to make your own runes used in the skill, Magic.

Getting Started:
There is not much required for doing the skill Runecrafting. All that is required is for you to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. Inside that quest guide, there are directions on how to o btain Rune Essence, one of the 2 mainly required items used for RuneCrafting.

TalismanObtained From
AirThis will be given to you by Sedridor the wizard after completing the Rune Mysteries Quest. If you lose this, you can get another by killing level 2 goblins.
MindThis talisman is dropped by imps and wizards.
WaterThis talisman is dropped by Wizards and Dark Wizards.
EarthThis talisman is dropped by Men, Women, Al-Kharid Warriors and Farmers.
FireThis talisman is dropped by Dark Wizards, Skeletons, Lesser Demons and Greater Demons.
BodyThis talisman is dropped by Hill Giants, Moss Giants and Guards.
*Cosmic*This talisman is dropped by Lesser Demons, Ice Giants and Otherworldly Beings. It can also be obtained by the Mysterious Old Man random event and from Caskets (Big Net Fishing).
*Chaos*This talisman is dropped by Lesser Demons, Skeletons, Chaos Druids, Moss Giants, Otherworldly Beings, Chaos Dwarfs, Black Demons, Ice Warriors, Greater Demons, Hobgoblins, Fire Giants, Shadow Warriors, and can be obtained from the Mysterious Old Man random event.
*Nature*This talisman is dropped by Moss Giants, Rock Crabs, Green Dragons, Red Dragons, Lesser Demons, Thieves, Greater Demons, Blue Dragons, Hobgoblins, Paladins, Black/White Knights, Mountain Trolls and Jogres.
*Law*This talisman is a reward for completing the Troll Stronghold Quest.

Altar Locations:
There are certain altars where you use your talisman on a set of Mysterious Ruins, then you bind your Rune Essence into the runes of which altar you choose. Remember, X marks the spot!

AirThis altar is found south-east of Falador.
MindThis altar is found above goblin village, north of Falador.
WaterThis altar is found inside Lumbridge Swamps.
EarthThis altar is found North-East of Varrock.
FireThis altar is found near the Al-Kharid duelling arena.
BodyThis altar is found North-West of Barbarian Village.
*Cosmic*This altar is found inside the Zanaris portal maze, which can be found in the Lumbridge Swamps. You must have completed the Lost City Quest to access this area.
*Chaos*This altar is found north of Edgeville, Level 9 Wilderness.
*Nature*This altar is found in the members section of Karamja Forest.
*Law*This altar is found on the holy island of Entrana.

Levels and Exp:
This following information will show you the exp gained per rune essence crafted into a rune, and the level required for binding rune essence into certain runes.

Rune TypeLevel ReqExp Per

Note: *Name* Means Members Only.

A Guide to crafting Nature Runes

Written By: dylanator3.

First off I would like to tell you that nature rune is an amazing way to make money. It is possible to make about 100k per hour and I am going to explain how to do so.

Requirements: 44 Runecrafting, Cash (depending on how many you are crafting), Nature Tailsman, Rune Essence.
Items To bring: Nothing except Cash, Nature Tailsman, and Rune Essence in a NOTE

  1. Go to Karamja with the items listed above.
  2. Go to the General Store located on the Northwestern part of the island shown on the map below.

  3. Now Sell a total of 24 noted essence to the general store.

  4. Buy it back as the real craftable essence. You will lose about 15gps doing this and that is the reason you need to bring money.

  5. Take your un-noted essence down the trail marked on the map above all the way to the nature alter. Your inventory should look like this:

  6. Use your nature tailsman on the mysterious ruins and then click on the alter to craft your runes.

  7. Go through the portal then walk back up to the store and repeat the process.

PROS & CONS of the Method:
  1. Much faster than crafting laws or banking natures.
  2. Makes lots of money fast.

  1. People might buy your essence after you sell it to the store (stealing)
  2. Can get boring
  3. Possible to get lost if you don't know what you are doing
  4. Members Only

  1. It takes about 3k in cash to make 1k natures
  2. Run once you get up to 30% energy
  3. Sell and buy back your essence fast to avoid stealers.
  4. If you can get a noob friend to help carry ess for you do it, its twice as fast
  5. Sell you natures at 400 ea, people will buy them for that much on world 2
  6. Do not where any armor cloths or weapons, the less weight you have the longer you will be able to run.

You can make tiaras using a tiara mould (obtained from a crafting shop) with a silver bar in a furnace. You then attach a talisman to the tiara to get a tiara that acts as the talisman. The good thing is that when you wear the tiara, you don't have to hold a talisman, so you have an extra inventory space for rune essence. You also get runecraft experience for each tiara you make, this is shown here:

TypePicture< /td>RC Exp
Air25 exp
Mind27.5 exp
Water30 exp
Earth32.5 exp
Fire35 exp
Body37.5 exp

*Note we are missing pictures from chaos upwards. We would appreciate images sent to us.