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   Lost City Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Gnat

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Lumbridge Swamps

Required Skills: 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting

Reward: 3 quest points, access to Zanaris, and ability to wield Dragon Longswords and Dragon Daggers

Lost City Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Go to Draynor and from there head east into the forest until you find several npcs gathered around some campfires.

  2. Several of them won't talk to you, but the adventurer will. Talk to him and use your virtual wits to trick him into revealing what they are looking for.

  3. He says you need to find a leprachaun. There is a well close by, head just north west of it a few paces and look for a tree thats option says "Chop" and not "Chop down". Attempt to chop it and Shamus runs out. Run after him and ask him how to find Zanaris.

  4. Now you will need to kill a lvl 101 with only a bronze woodcutting axe and what ever else you choose from my list. Woohoo that sounds like fun. Bolt magic attacks work well. Take pots (especially prayer). Glory Amulet helps some, and of course good food.

  5. Deposit all your weapons and such in the bank except for what I listed. Then head to Port Sarim and talk to the Monks of Entrana. They'll search you and if they find something try to think what it is and go deposit it. Otherwise, once you get to the island go north east to th e little bridge and then head west to the dead trees and cave monk. Climb down the ladder after talking to the monk. YOU CAN'T GO BACK UP THE LADDER, take a teleport out, charge your glory amulet, or risk coming out at level 31 wilderness. It's not to risky usually on a less crowded world.

  6. Go down the ladder and kill some zombies (level 25) until you get a bronze axe. There's a good chance of getting one, you should within 5 tries. Then run past the greater demons (lvl 92) (if you have a high level friend you could have him kill greaters for a better weapon, but you still need an axe anyway)

  7. After running past the greaters, look for a big dramen tree with blue swirls in it. If you can't find the dramen tree... well I really hope you can, otherwise go let a greater kill you, lol.

  8. Attempt to cut down the tree, the level 101 tree spirit will pop out, yell "You must defeat me before you can chop the tree!". and attack you. If you are alone, use some magic attacks if you do not have level 43 prayer, while eating also. If you start to panic because of low hp while trying to eat your food, RUN around and try to get the tree between you and the spirit.

  9. If you have a friend, have him/her stand between you and the spirit while merrily reigning down magic attacks on the spirit's head. Sometimes the spirit can go through your friend for some weird reason. If this happens resort to the second half of Step 8.

  10. Once you have defeated the spirit (Congratuations) chop the tree as many times as you want to get branches that will fill your inventory.

  11. Now teleport out or go into the greater room to use the magic door that leads to the wildy. In either case, go someplace safe, get a knife and use it on your braches to get dramen staffs.

  12. Head east of the starting location, wind your way through the swamp till you find a little building. Wield your staff and walk in.

  13. As soon as you are taken to Zanaris, you have completed the quest.

If you were too serious during this quest, I suggest going to the adventurer and flaunting him that you know where the city is and he doesn't.

What is in the lost city?

Everything you need to make cakes, a bank, a great training spots on Other-Worldly beings (level 66), a general store, a sand pit, the cosmic runecrafting temple, a market that you must pay a cut diamond to get into. Once in you can buy dragon daggers for 30k and dragon swords for 100k. There is also a jewelry store.