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   One Small Favour Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Twinbuster

Corrections/Additions: mad max, tumpi_88, valance, fatherprime, beldin, adunakhor, Ged

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak To Yanni in the Shilo Village Antiques Shop

Required Skills: The ability to kill a level 91 enemy, 25 Crafting, 36 Agility, 18 Herblore and 30 Smithing

Required Quests: Must have completed Shilo Village Quest, Rune Mysteries Quest and Druidic Ritual Quest

Required Items: 1 Bronze Bar, 1 Iron Bar, 4 Steel Bars, 1 Hammer, 1 Chisel, 1 Harallander, 2 Guams, 1 Marrentil, 1 Bowl of Water, 1 Empty Cup (can be obtained by talking to Brother Galahad West of McGrubor Woods, and drinking the cup of tea he gives you, or stealing/purchasing a cup of tea at the Varrock tea stall and drinking), 5000gp (expenses), 5 Pigeon Cages (these can be obtained on the way)

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 2 Antique Lamps, (when rubbed, you select which skill to give 10,000 exp to, both lamps combined give 20,000 exp, and can only be used on skills higher than level 30), Glider location from Feldip Hills, Steel Key Ring (Allows you to attach a series of rings to the keyring, and helps save bank space).

One Small Favour Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
1.) Speak to the Shilo Village antiques dealer, he will ask you to get some Mahogany Logs for a bookshelf, and suggests you speak to a Jungle Forester.

2.) Talk to a jungle forester. She/he wants you to sharpen her axe and suggests you go to the Captain whose ship is to the West, to get a ride to Port Sarim to get their axe sharpened.

3.) Talk to the Captain and ask him for a ride. He says he doesnt do favour, so now, you have a choice.

You can either A: Get a ticket for the lady of the waves or B: Teleport to Falador and walk to Port Sarim.

4.) Talk to Brian (be unfriendly). You find out his mate is in trouble and he needs Aggie to witness for his friend.

5.) Head for Aggie (in Draynor) one of these ways:
1: Use Glory Ammy
2: Walk
Aggie suggested Jimmy would be in the abandoned building.

6.) Head East for H.A.M HeadQuaters and talk to Jimmy, and he suggests to talk to Johannus to find out he wants a monthly supply of chickens.

7.) Now head for Fred who is near Lumbridge (the farmer from Sheep Shearer quest). Fred suggests you talk to Seth Groats.

8.) Go and talk to Seth Groats. He says he needs 5 chicken cages and to go speak to Horvik in Varrock.

9.) Take 3 steel bars and talk to Horvik t o find out he's ill. He takes the bars now and he needs a medicine.

10.) Head to the Apothecary and talk to him. He gives you medicines and he drops the air-tight pot hes giving you.

11.) Head to Barbarian Village and talk to Tassie Slipcast. She tells you a dwarf called Hammerspike Stoutbeard is her loanshark and can't help you before she finishes an order which she can pay him with.

12.) Head for the Dwarven Mines and walk to Boot. There's a new room near him where Hammerspike can be found. Hammerspike is inside the new room, surrounded by 3 or 4 of his thugs. They wont hurt you, for now. Hammerspike wants you to go to talk to Sanfew to get him an invite to become a Druid.

13.) Head to Sanfew. He also has a favour to ask, wait, not 1 but 2 favours this time.
a) Bring the gnome on top off White Wolf Mountain some Guthix Rest.
b) Help the gnomes with finishing the newest location on the map.
How to make the tea (Guthix Rest)
1. Get a bowl of water
2. Boil it on a range
3. Poor it into an empty cup
4. Add the herbs in this order: Harralander then Guam then another Guam and then the Marentill and you will have Guthix Rest (3)
5. Guthix Rest (3) (side note : if you drink a dose of Guthix Rest, your hp gets boosted by 5. This will not heal hp, but when at full hp, you health would for example be 104/99 if you were 99 hp.)

14.) Head for the gnome and give him a cup of Guthix Rest. The gnome wants you to to get him some T.R.A.S.H (some super strong, lightweight rope). He tells you Arnhein would have some.

15.) Head for Arnhein (in Catherby) and he says you can have some rope if you get him a Weather Forecast so that his expensive freight doesnt sink in bad storms.

16.) Head to Seers Village and talk to the new Seer who is southwest of the anvils in a big house. Talk to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight. He wants you to look out for Petra who should be somewhere nearby. Not further south then Ardrounge or further west then Combat Camp. You'll find her at a small cave near some diseased sheep, next to the Fishing Guild.

17.) While inside the cave, take the path on your right and enter the big room on your right. You'll get an animation where you see Petra is stuck in the wall. Walk to her and "look" at her. You see a message at her belt saying "head for Wizard Compton in case of any trouble".

18.) Head to Ardrounge by teleporting or walking. From Ardougn's market center, head northeast to Wizard Compton and he will ask you to get some iron oxide. He tells you that the merchant in Port Khazard might have it.

19.) Head for Port Khazard and talk to Tindel the merchant. Tindel will ask you to get his mattress filled. He suggests Rantz could help.

20.) Once you arrive at Rantz, he wants you to get rid of the gnome making noise near the Ogre City.

21.) Go talk to the gnome. He wants you to repair the landing lights. (The gnome is to the west of Rantz)

Search the lights and cut the gems you find. If you crush them, the gnome sells you spares for 500gp each. Then put the cut gems back into their places.

22.) Now, a turning point.
- Go Back to Rantz and he will fill the mattress.
- Give the mattress back to the tindel merchant. He will give you the iron oxide
- Go to Wizard Compentry and give him the iron oxide. He will give you a scroll with the spell. Now, here, I suggest you stock up on good food (preferably swordfish), pots, good armour and weapon is a must.
- Head to the Goblin Cave and go near petra. Read the spell. Your character will move into position, and cast the spell. You will then hit the wrong rock, and a level 91 Stone Monster will attack you. Kill it, then cast the spell again. You will release Petra.
-Head to Pantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight. After alot of talking and persuasion, he requires you to fix his weather vane. Go upstairs, then upstairs again onto his roof, and use your hammer on the weather vane. It will fall in pieces. Take these pieces, and 1 bronze, iron and steel bar to an anvil, along with your hammer, and just use the vane pieces on the anvil, and you will repair them. Go back up to the weather vane, and use the pieces on the vane. Talk to the seet again and he will give you a weather report. (I suggest you read it, it's pretty funny)
- Give the report to Arnhein. He will then have already given the T.R.A.S.H to the Gnome.
- Go to the gnome, he will agree to take the druid to a new location.
- Talk to Sanfew. He will allow Hammerspike to become a druid.
- Talk to Hammerspike, he says he doesn't want to be a druid anymore, but he lets Tassie's debt waive. He then orders his thugs to attack you. One is level 49, the other 47 and the other is 46. They are fairly easy.
- Talk to Tassie and she will tank you for lifting the pay, and will teach you how to make pot lids. She will give you clay, and make a pot lid.
- Go to Varrock, and buy a pot from the General Store. Go to the Apothecary and he will put the breathing salts in the pot for you.
- Take the salts and medicine to Horvik, and give him the 5 pigeon cages. He will then make you the chicken cages.
- Take the cages to Seth Groats, and he will send the chickens to H.A.M HeadQuarters.
- Speak to Johannus in H.A.M HeadQuarters, and he will agree to let Jimmy free.
- Speak to Aggie, and she will agree to stand Witness at the trial.
- Speak to Brian, and he will sharpen the axe.
- Go back to the jungle forester, and give them the sharpened axe, the forest jungler will give you the logs.
- Go speak to the antiques dealer, and after alot of talking, Congratulations, Quest Complete!