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   Shilo Village Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Gnat

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Deep Karajma jungle, go to the southeast corner of Karajma jungle, but do not go into the Legends quest part. Look for the village which has a guy named Mosol Rei outside of the gate.

Required Skills: 32 agility, 20 crafting, be able and ready to kill 3 monsters (lvl 86, 65, and 88 in that order).

Required Quests: Must have completed Jungle Potion quest,

Required Items: a Spade, 3 normal Bones, a Rope, Lit candle, Chisel, Hammer, Bronze bar (all of these can be bought at Jumaya's General Store northwest of Tai Bwo Wannai Village)

Reward: 2 quest points, about 4,000 crafting xp, access to Shilo Village.

Shilo Village Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Just after you talk to Mosol Rei, a level 50 and 62 sometimes appear, after you kill them watch out for the deadly green mist (It comes from the bones for a few seconds.) Ask about Rashiliyia and you will learn about the recent events that have befallen Shilo Village. Mosol asks you to take a Wampum belt to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai Village.

  2. Once you arrive at Trufitus's house, talk to him. Show him the belt and find out EVERYTHING you can. Talk to him as many times as you need to, take every word path you can. (Be advised, This is very B-O-R-I-N-G, but keep it up for as long as it takes.) Once you find out all you can about the underground ruins of Ah-Za-Rhoon and Rashiliyia, proceed to the next step.

  3. Head east to cross a log bridge over a small stream, then head south until you see a mound of earth. Use your spade with it and then try to climb down the newly made fissure. Make sure you have your lit candle and rope, otherwise it will give you a lame excuse, something like "You don't know what's down there because it's too dark."

  4. Drop your lit candle down the hole, then use your rope with it. You can now finally climb down. Be warned, there are many different levels of undead down here. Most are under level 60 though. Go just a little down the west fork and search the cave-in.

  5. Now head north, right before you come to the east turn, go to the west wall and search loose rocks to find a tattered scroll, read it to learn some history about Bervirius (the son of Rashiliyia).

  6. Head east now, when you see a little room to the south head in there and search the old sacks. You will find a crumpled scroll. Read it to now learn about Rashiliyia and some of her history.

  7. Now take the north passage to the gallows. If your really frustrated with this quest, hang yourself right now, otherwise search the gallows. You will find a corpse and take it.

  8. Head back to the entrance and then once your in the first cave, go a little east to find a table that you can craft. You have several options, choose the raft, but find out that you don't have enough wood to make one after all. So go to the waterfall and search the rocks to climb out. One way or another you should end up out by the waterfall.

  9. Now with the 3 items you collected take them to Trufitus and use each of them with him. He will talk a little bit about each of them. He will tell you to bury the corpse right in front of the statue thats in the middle of the village.

  10. Take it out there and bury it right in front of the statue. Zadimus's ghost will appear and give you a bone shard. Go back and talk to Trufitus and he'll mention where the tomb is.

  11. Start by going southeast, keep going until you go over the little landbridge, then head south until you see the rocks to climb up to the bridge. (It should be pretty easy to spot on map)

  12. Climb up the rocks, which you may fail to do a few times. Cross the bridge, this will take a few times but eventually you will get a message saying that "You manage to keep your balance".

  13. Go to the north side of the island and search the well-stacked rocks. Go down the passage and search the tomb dolmen at the end. You will get 3 items, a sword pommel, locating crystal, and berverius notes. Head back to the climbing rocks and you can guess what to do most likely.

  14. Once your out, go back over the bridge and head to Trufitus again. Use all 3 new items with him and then get ready to make some beads of the dead.
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  16. Go west to the store and buy a chisel, bronze bar, and hammer. Head north to the anvil and use your bronze bar with it to make some bronze wire. Use your chisel with the sword pommel for bone beads. Use the wire and beads together to make the beads of the dead.

  17. Now head back east and over the log bridge. Go north of the jogres and gnome glider. Go just north until you can see the yellow of the north beach on the map. Your looking for 2 interwoven trees that have a really light color of green on their leaves. If you can't find by using the screen, look carefully on the map for 2 palm tree signs that are exactly next to each other.

  18. Use the bone shard on the door and it should say something like "it does not quite fit." After that use your chisel with the bone shard to make a key, then use it with the door that you find after searching the trees. Beware, once you go in Rashiliyia's ghost will appear and call the undead on you. This is a multi-combat zone so you have to take both down at once.

  19. After defeating them, put on the bone beads and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF WHILE PAST THE GATE (at least until your done with the quest). Climb down the rocks and go southwest (As a note: Don't pick up the coins or it will summon more undead and you really don't want that, do you?) Go southeast from the coins, then take the first turn back southwest.

  20. Keep going till you reach the doors. Search them to find that the skeletons are not complete. You need 3 "recesses" or bones to open it, so kill 3 undead for the bones. Use them each with the door and it will open with the help of some "grinning" help.

  21. Search the tomb dolmen and the first of the 3 monsters will attack you which are: the zombie (level 86), the skeleton, (level 65), and the ghost (level 88). Once you defeat them take the rashiliyia corpse from on the dolmen.

  22. Head out of the tomb and use your bone key to reopen the door. Go back to the Berverius tomb (the one across bridge on island). Use the corpse with the dolmen to finish and get your reward. (Congratulations, you have just saved yet another town from iminate destruction.)

  23. You can now use the cartman, right by the brimhaven dock, for fast access to Shilo Village, the price varries but it is usually under 100 coins.

    What is in Shilo Village?
    A general store, a bank, an antique store (he buys some items from the quest), some fishing spots, a ticket seller for the Lady of the Waves ship, a furnace, a fishing shop, and gem rocks where you can mine opal, jade, and red topaz, and a furnace you can use for 20 coins that is REALLY close to the bank.