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   Feud, The Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: -=G'ed=-

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Ali Morrisane at his stall in North Al-Kharid.

Required Items: Desert boots, many filled waterskins, knife, food (your choice), about 2000 gp, bucket, beer (can be bought at the pub in the desert), 30 thieving.

Reward: 15,000 thieving exp, blackjack, desert disguise, 1 quest point.

Feud, The Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

  1. Talk to Ali Morrisane. He will ask you to find his Nephew

  2. Go to Shantay and buy a Shantay Pass. (Note: Equip a pair of Desert boots, 2000gp, a bucket, beer, food, and a few waterskins, and a knife incase you need to re-fill on waterskins.)

  3. Once inside Shantay Desert, head east to where the tunnel is to enter Kalphite Caves, then head south and you will walk into a small village

  4. Go to the pub. If you don't have a beer, you can either buy one at the pub, or else take an empty glass that respawns in the pub and use it on a barrel. Use the beer on Drunken Ali and he will give you some information on the nephew. He will tell you to check in the 2 towns north and south of this village

  5. Talk to a member of each gang, and you will find out that they are in war over a camel

  6. Go to the camel discounter and buy 2 camels for 500gp each. A note will appear saying you will receive your camel later

  7. Talk to a member of each gang, and you will find out that these camels don't solve the problem. You will get the idea to join one of the gangs

  8. Talk to one of the members on the town to the south. They will tell you to talk to the operator who lives in a tent located south-west of the town

  9. Ali the operator will tell you to pickpocket 3 villagers. The first villager can be pickpocketed like a normal NPC. The second one will require you to talk to a Street Urchan to distract a villager so you can pickpocket him. To pickpocket the final villager, go talk to the operator and he will give you a blackjack (Mace on a chain). Go and knock out a villager with it and pickpocket him or her

  10. Buy a beard and a headpiece from the local General Store. Use one on the other and wear the desert disguise. Go to the house of the major in the middle of the city. Hide behind the cactus to see if it is safe to go outside. When it is safe, use the keys on the door and walk inside. Go upstairs and search a painting. Behind it will be a safe. The combination is 1-1-2-3-5-8

  11. Go to the bar, and talk to the barman about the drink of the traitor. He will tell you it is on the table behind you near the barrels

  12. Go to the west of the town towards the mountains and talk to the old hag about some poison. She requires a snake and some camel dung. To get the snake, go to the local pub, and use some coins on the snake charmers money pot. You will get a basket and a flute. Use the flute on a snake southwest of the town. To get the cow dung, go to the kebab seller and ask for his hot sauce. Feed it to the camel, and it will poo. Use the bucket on the camel dung and you have a nice, smelly bucket of camel dung. Take the snake and the dung to the old hag and she will give you some poison

  13. Go to the pub and use the poison on the drink of the traitor. Now, go back to the operator, and he tells you to talk to the leader

  14. Talk to the leader who is infront of the tent. He will send a guard to kill you. Kill the guard. Now go talk to a local villager. Now go to the north town. Talk to a local villager then talk to the major. Now, go back to Al-Kharid, talk to Ali Morrisane and quest complete

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