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   Witch's House Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Gnat88, Zero

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: South of Witch's house, Taverly

Required Skills: Ability to defeat multiple monsters in a row, leading up to a Level 53 Wolf

Required Items: Leather Gloves, Cheese (Gloves can be obtained in Varrock Clothing Shop, Cheese in Draynor Village)

Reward: 4 Quest Points, 6325 Hitpoints Experience

Witch's House Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. After talking to the boy, go to the main door and search for a key under one of the pots next to the door.

  2. Use the key to unlock the door and go in. Walk upstairs to the witch's bedroom and grab her diary. Read it.

  3. Go back to the main floor and then go down to the basement. Go through the gate, open and search the wall cupboard for a magnent.

  4. Go into the little room between the main one and the yard. Put on your leather gloves. Use the cheese with the mouse hole in the corner. Then quickly use your magnet with the mouse.

  5. Now go into the yard. ALWAYS WATCH THE WITCH ON THE MAP. You must stay behind the hedges as she walks by. Make sure you are next to the center of the hedge.

  6. Keep moving along the fence until you come to the shed door. Try opening it to find it is locked. Then keep going along the wall to the fountain. Remember to stay hidden when the witch approaches.

  7. Check the fountain. It should say something like "It looks scenic". Read the diary again to learn about the fountain. Then check the fountain again. If you do not get the key after this, try to open the door again and then read the diary again. It should definitly work after all that.

  8. Now creep back to the door and unlock the door to go in. Try to grab the ball and the "Witch's Experiment" will attack you.

  9. If you leave the shed you will have to start the battle over. So make sure you have food to eat during the fight and a good weapon with decent armor.

    1. Level 19 experiment
    2. Level 30 spider
    3. Level 42 bear
    4. Lvl 53 wolf

  10. After defeating the experiment, grab the ball and open the door. For the last time sneak in the direction of the house, then exit and give the boy his ball back for your reward.