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   Golem, The Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to the golem in the ruins of Uzer

Required Skills: Level 20 Crafting,Level 25 Thieving

Required Items: Desert Gear(NEEDED)-desert robes,desert boots, waterskins and knives for getting water,4 Soft Clay,Pestle and Mortar,Vial.,Papyrus.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 1k Crafting experience and 1k Thieving experience; if you bring a Hammer and Chisel and use it on the Demons Throne you will receive 6 Gems: 2 Rubies 2 Emeralds and 2 Sapphires

Golem, The Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Before you start buy some desert supplies. most of the quest takes place on the open desert where waterskins are needed unless you want to die a dehydrated death.Get water from cactuses nearby if you are low on water. After you get all the supplies needed its time to locate this lost city of Uzer.Buy a Shantay Pass and head all the way southeast to the coast until you see this bridge. go east of it and keep walking east until you reach some ruins and a clay golem. Talk to him to start the quest.

  2. The Clay Golem needs repairs so you will have to help. use all 4 soft clays on him. He will thank you and he will tell you that now he needs the portal open so he can finish off the great demon that tried to destroy the city. Talk to him again and he will tell you to open up the portal you have to arrange the statues.

  3. Search the crates nearby for a letter. it mentions Elissa from the digsite so you must go to her.

  4. Elissa is north of the digsite area. she will tell you that the letter was written to her late husband and his notes remain in the Examination Center Library.

  5. At the Examination Center search the shelves to the south for the notes. you will find a very long book. read it entirely and Go back and talk to Elissa.Then go to the Varrock Museum.

  6. At the Varrock Museum talk to the curator about the missing statue, he will tell you where it is but you cant take it. So pickpocket the Curator and go upstairs, unlock the case , take the statuelette and run back to Uzer.

  7. This trip to Uzer you don't go directly east of the bridge to Uzer. but you head north to the clay rocks and pluck the feather from the Desert Phoenix and now go back to Uzer.

  8. Before entering the temple pick the Black Mushroom near the stairs and grind it with your pestle and mortar. and the ink will automatically collect in your vial.

  9. Go to the center of the temple. But before you do anything use the statue from the Curator with the empty alcove. Now turn the statues so that the 2 west ones face left and the 2 east ones face right. Now enter the door.

  10. You will find the demon dead. theres nothing much to do now. so get out of there and take the strange impliment northwest of the temple and go back to the golem.

  11. The golem still dosen't want to be done with the killing the demon task. So reprogram him.Use the Phoenix feather with the papyrus to write a new program for the golem now use the strange impliment to open his head and slip the program in there. now he will accept the program and...