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   Zorge Flesh Eaters Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to Grish west of the Ogre city and south of Castle wars arena.

Required Skills: Level 8 Herblore, Level 30 Ranged, Level 4 Smithing,Level 20 Strength, Level 30 Fletching .

Required Quests: Must have completed Jungle Potion, Must have completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting,

Required Items: None but stat restores, a dueling ring, and watchtower teleportations are optional

Reward: Ability to make Brutal Arrows and Cure disease potions, 2k of Ranged, Fletching, and Herblore exp, and 2000 gp for giving the Black Prism to the wizard or 5000 gp for giving it to Yanni Salika at Shilo Village.

Zorge Flesh Eaters Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Get to the area south of Castle Wars by duel ring or just plainly walking. Talk to Grish the ogre to start the quest and he will also give you 3 chombys and 2 super stat restore potions.

  2. Talk to the orgre guard about letting you in. mention Grish and he will smash them all for you to go in. While your in go all the way to the end and enter the dungeon.

  3. In the dungeon head to the northwest corner to see a cutscene.

  4. You will see that an explosion recently took place. search the lecturn for a half page and then search the skeleton. You will be immediately attacking a lvl 34 zombie. kill it and it will drop a ruined backpack. With 3 inventory spaces open it and there will be a knife, tankard and rotten food. rid the rotten food and use the knife to open up the coffin. it might take a while but you will eventually lift it. when you do search it for a black prism.

  5. Either teleport or walk to Yannile. Enter the bar and show the bartender the tankard. he tells you it belonged to a man called Brentle Vahn who died a while ago and was last seen with a wizard. Now head to the magic guild and ring the bell a wizard will pop up. You will automatically show him the prism,the tankard and the page. he will tell you about those items being the source of a curse and a wizard lodged in the house north of the guild has some answers.

  6. Head north of the guild to a small house. go upstairs and talk to the man in the bed. He will then allow you to search his entire room. you find three books and papyrus/charcoal. use papyrus with the man in the bed to sketch a portrait of him. then show it to the bartender. you may have to draw the portrait several times before the bartender can recognize it however. once he recognized it he will sign it. take the signed potrait and return to the wizard by the mage guild.

  7. Before you accomplish this step make sure you have the Necromancy book, H.A.M book, torn page, tankard, and signed potrait. talk to the wizard and show him a ll the evidence again. he will then give you a potion to give to the man in bed.

  8. The man won't take the potion so you slip it into his tea. go back to the and talk to the wizard. Now return to find out the man in the bed... is an Ogre! question him and he will start giving you answers. After questioning him you can either optionally make the arrows,bows,potions or you can just go back to Grish. he will hand you a key to the dungeon and ask you to get him some artifacts.

  9. Enter the dungeon and around the northwest area there will be a double gate to some stairs to a lower lvl dungeon. Go there and when you are at the lower lvl head all the way east. Search the standard and you will be forced into a fight with a lvl 111 Slash Bash. What I suggest to fight Slash Bash is to use a crush attack like the brutal arrows, mace, maul, warhammer, or battle ax. Any other fighting method will work but will hit reduced damage. Slash bash melees and does a ranged spit attack. When you have defeated him pick up the artifact he dropped and return to Grish for your reward.