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   Shield of Arrav Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

Corrections/Additions: Giac Jr

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: Varrock Castle Library, Speak to Reldo

Required Items: 20 gp, a friend to help you

Reward: 600gp each for both you and your friend

Shield of Arrav Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
For Both Gangs :

  1. To start, you will need a friend. Both you and your friend should go to the Varrock Castle Library and talk to Reldo about a quest. He will tell you about a book in the library.

  2. Right click the bookcases until you see one that says 'Check Bookcase' instead of 'Search Bookcase' and check that one. You will find the book. Read it all the way through and talk to Reldo again.

  3. He will tell you about Baraek, who you can find in the Varrock Marketplace. Find him there, and ask him about the Phoenix Gang. Give him the 20 coins and he will tell you where the Phoenix Gang hideout is.

  4. Go to the Sword Shop in Varrock. Somewhere near it, there should be a Tramp. Talk to him and he will tell you about the Black Arm Gang that is behind the Sword Shop.

Black Arm Gang:

  1. If you choose the Black Arm Gang, go behind the Sword Shop near the Tramp and talk to Katrine. She will tell you that you need to steal a Phoenix Crossbow.

  2. Have your friend steal the crossbow for you from the Phoenix Gang, and give it to Katrine.

  3. Once you can get inside of the Black Arm Gang hideout, go up the stairs and retrieve the shield.

Phoenix Gang:

  1. If you chose the Phoenix Gang, go down towards southeastern Varrock; into the inn/bar there. Kill Johnny the Beard (Lvl-2) and get the scroll he drops.

  2. Now go a little to the east down the path and (a little south of the Rune Shop) you will see a dungeon entrance on your mini-map (it's a Red '!'). This is the entrance to the Phoenix Gang hideout.

  3. Go inside and talk to Straven (if you are a high level, make sure you right-click and then select 'Talk to' because if you left-click you will attack him). Tell him you know who he really is and that the VTAM Corporation is really a cover up, and then tell him you would like to join the Phoenix Gang.

  4. He will tell you to kill Johnny the Beard and retrieve his intelligence scroll (you already have). Talk to him again and he will give you a key.

  5. Go through the door Straven is next to and go to the back corner and open the gold chest and search it. You will get your half of the broken shield.

  6. Now exit the hideout and look on the same building for another door. The farthest east one is the one you want. Use the key on the door, go up the ladder, and retrieve the phoenix crossbows (they spawn on the ground).

  7. Give the crossbow(s) to your friend.

To Finish the Quest:

  1. Give your half of the shield to your friend (or vice versa) and put the two halves together to form one shield.

  2. Take the shield to the King (in his castle of course), and he will tell you to go to the musuem curator so he can make sure the shield is authentic.

  3. The curator will give you two certificates to take to the King; each worth 600gp each.

  4. Give one certificate to your friend, and you can both take them to the King and redeem them for 600gp.