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   A Tail of Two Cats Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beau4500

Corrections/Additions: Giac Jr

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Unferth, in his house in Burthorpe. Burthorpe is north of the Heroes' Guild.

Required Quests: Must have completed Icthlarin's Little Helper Quest, Must have completed Gertrude's Cat Quest

Required Items: A kitten, cat, or overgrown cat, 5 death runes, Catspeak amulet from Ictharin quest, bucket of milk, chocolate cake, sheers, normal log, tinderbox, Potato seeds and farming equipment, White robes(desert or druids will do),vial of water.

Reward: 2 Quest points and a present (gives a mouse toy and two antique lamps giving 2.5k xp each to any skill).

A Tail of Two Cats Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Unferth in Burthrope and you will find out his cat named Bob has gone missing. Agree to help him find him and Unferth will ask you to talk to his friend Hild who lives nearby him who can also help look for Bob. Make sure you have your cat/kitten and amulet of catspeak on at all times.

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  3. Head a bit north of Unferth's house and you will find Hild's house. Talk to her and she will tell you that theres a chance you can find Bob if your amulet of catspeak gets enchanted and to do it you will need to give her 5 death runes. The amulet is simple to use, just keep turning the arrows clockwise or anti-clockwise until the whole thing flashes then go to the direction where the arrow is pointing. Bob can be anywhere in RuneScape so just keep following that and check up every so often. For me, Bob was in a building in Draynor.

  4. Talk to Bob when you find him and he will tell you about his love for a cat at Menaphos and his long lost family. And after that conversation your cat/kitten will ask you to go ask Gertrude about Bob's history.

  5. Go to Gertrudes house west of Varrock and talk to her.At the end of the conversation you will be told by Gertrude to ask Reldo about Robert the Strong. Now head to the varrock castle and talk to Reldo, he will tell you about a legend of a man named Robert the Strong who your cat/kitten believes is either Bob or a person who knew Bob. After the story go back to Bob.

  6. Talk to Bob back in Burthorpe and he will tell you that he has no memory of anything to do with Robert the Strong. Then your cat/kitten suggests that you talk to the Sphinx in Sophanem who might help out Bob.

  7. Head all the way to Sophanem and talk to the Sphinx and ask her for help on how to prove Bob was Robert the Strong, you will enter a 5 min 40 sec cutscene or you can always skip it and read a summary, either way at the end Bob will tell you to look after Unferth and gives you a list of chores you have to do.

    1. Make the bed
    2. Put normal logs in the fireplace and light them
    3. Use shears on Unferth
    4. Plant potatoes in his garden

  8. After you have done the chores, talk to Unferth and you will find out he's sick. Then your kitten/cat suggests you go to the Apothecary in Varrock and ask for help. Now go to the Apothecary and he will refuse to go to Unferth but he tells you to get white robes and take either a doctor or nurses hat and give Unferth a vial of water as 'cure'.

  9. After you have gotten the items, wear the robes and hat and give the vial to Unferth. Soon he will be recovered and you will need to talk to Bob.

  10. After a cutscene on Bob and Neite's adventures...

    Congratulations, Quest Complete!

    Each lamp gives 2.5k experience and the mouse toy is like the popular weapon the Abyssal Whip except the fact that its white and has stats in the negatives.