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   Making History Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

Corrections/Additions: me4eva

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Outpost northwest of West Ardougne, speak to Jorral. (Look at the map below for more info)

Required Skills: Level 7 Magic, Level 20 Crafting, Level 40 Smithing.

Required Quests: Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost, Ghosts Ahoy (Optional, but recommended for Ectophial teleport, and to not use Ectokens). Helpful Items (Optional, but lessens walking): Teleport Runes for Camelot Teleport OR an Enchanted Lyre, 1 or 2 sets of Teleport Runes for Ardougne Teleport, Ectophial (If Ghosts Ahoy is completed) OR Varrock Teleport Runes if you don't have an Ectophial

Required Items: Ghostspeak Amulet, Sapphire Amulet - (Street Price: Less than 1000 gp, can be made with gold bar, one cut sapphire, an amulet mould, and a ball of wool), Ectokens - (If you haven't completed Ghosts Ahoy),

Reward: 3 Quest Points, 1k Prayer and Crafting Experience, 750 gold coins, and the ability to use an enchanted key to find buried treasure.

Making History Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
RuneScape map of Ardougne marked with important locations for the Making History quest guide.


Speak to Jorral, he will tell you about King Lathas' plans to destroy the Outpost, and that his only chance of saving it is by finding out important history about it, and to convince King Lathas to allow it to be turned into a museum. He will ask you to talk to three people:
  • Erin the Silver Merchant in Ardougne

  • Droalak the Ghost in Port Phasmatys

  • Dron the Warrior in Relekka

Erin the Silver Merchant in Ardougne:

  1. Go to the Ardougne Marketplace (check the map above if you can't find it), and talk to Erin, he will talk to you about how his great grandfather used to live in the Outpost, but died there, and that he doesn't know much about him. He will eventually tell you about his great grandfather's key which changes temperature as you walk, ask him if you could borrow the key, and he'll lend it to you.

  2. Next, go to Castle Wars. A shortcut here is to use a Ring of Dueling, however that's not required, if you don't mind the walk. Just north of the bridges near Castle Wars is where you dig wi th your spade, I've illustrated it on a map:

    Runescape Map marked with the area to dig near Castle Wars to get the casket in the Making History quest.

  3. You should've found a casket, once you have it, use the enchanted key on the casket, and you'll get a journal. If you choose to read the Journal, it explains about a follower of Zamorak seeking ultimate power by reigning chaos on Ardougne.

    The Casket that is dug up in the Making History Quest    The Journal found by digging up the casket in the Making History Quest
Dron the Warrior in Relekka

Right now, you have three options to get to Relekka. You can either enjoy an annoyingly long walk to Relekka from the Castle Wars arena, you can use an Enchanted Lyre, or a semi-annoying walk from Camelot if you use a Camelot Teleport.

Once you're in Relekka, you can find Dron easily using the map below:

Runescape map of Rellekka marked with the locations of Dron and Blanin from the Making History quest.
  1. Talk to Dron, he will tell you that he has no time to talk to weaklings, and to go talk to Blanin, his brother. (Right then is when you want to pound him with your d-long, greataxe, whip, or whatever you're wielding for calling you a weakling, isn't it?)

    Runescape screenshot of Dron the Warrior in Relekka from the Making History Quest.

  2. Go a bit South-East (East of the Great Hall, near the Dairy Cow and Butter Churn) to find Blanin, and talk to him. He will tell you about how his brother doesn't like talking to people who don't know him, so he tells you to remember the following things about him:

    • Dron wields an Iron Mace in battle
    • Dron eats rats for breakfast
    • Dron eats kittens for lunch
    • Dron eats bunnies for tea
    • Dron's favorite drink is Red Spider Blood
    • Dron is 36 years, 8 months, and 21 days old
    • Dron studies the 4th and 5th age battles
    • Dron lives on the North-East side of town
    • And finally, Dron's pet cat is named Fluffy.

  3. Go back to Dron, tell him that you're after important answers, and when he asks how you know him, tell him that he's a famous warrior. He'll ask you questions to confirm that you know him, answer them with the answers above.

Droalak the Ghost in Port Phasmatys
  1. Get to Port Phasmatys. You can use your Ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys if you can, otherwise it's recommended to teleport to Varrock, and walk to Port Phasmatys by going through Canifis. If you have neither a Varrock Teleport or an Ectophial, then this fun 15 minutes of straight walking should teach you to listen to the Helpful, Optional Items list from now on. *Points and laughs at you*

  2. Now, you must get into Port Phasmatys. Now is when your Amulet of Ghostspeak is needed. If you haven't already completed Ghosts Ahoy, then you will need to get Ectokens to enter Port Phasmatys. For information on how to obtain Ectokens, follow steps A through D on our Ghosts Ahoy Quest Guide.

  3. Once you've gotten into Port Phasmatys, talk to Droalak, in the South-West edge of Port Phasmatys. You'll find him easily using the following map:

    Runescape map of Port Phasmatys, marked with the locations of Droalak and Melina from the Making History Quest.

  4. He'll tell you some more of the story, and how he died in the Outpost a while back, after telling his wife, Melina (who didn't want him to go), that he would return soon. He obviously didn't, and he wants you to help patch up the relationship. He'll ask you to give Melina a Sapphire Amulet (Make sure it's not enchanted!), since it was the gift he gave her just before he went to the Outpost.

  5. Go to Melina, who is in the house East of the General Store (See above map for help), and give her the Sapphire Amulet Droalak wanted you to give her. She will say that she forgives Droalak, that she feels complete, and then she will vanish. Go back to Droalak, tell him the news, and he'll give you a scroll.

    The scroll given to you by Droalak in the Making History Quest    Reading the scroll given by Droalak in the Making History Quest Guide
Finishing the Quest... - Yay!
  1. Now that you have visited all three of the people Jorral requested you to visit, go back to him to give him all of the items. He will be amazed, saying that the outpost has had more history than he could have ever hoped for, and tell you the entire interesting story. He will give you a letter with all of the story on it to deliver to King Lathas (Don't you just love being his little errand runner?).

    The Letter given by Jorral in the Making History Quest

  2. Go to King Lathas (Like a nice little servant of Jorral), and give him the letter. If you need help finding King Lathas, he's in the Ardougne Castle on the second floor. You can find it by heading west on the pathway from the Marketplace, or looking at the map at the beginning of this guide for more information. King Lathas will read the letter, saying he had no idea about how some of his ancestors were involved with the outpost, and accepts the proposal to turn it into a Museum.

  3. Go back to Jorral and give him the reply letter from King Lathas. Jorral will be thrilled with the news, and then the screen fades out (probably as Jorral's other servants like you do the work) as the Outpost is turned into a museum.
You've saved the Outpost! Quest Complete!

Runescape screenshot of the Making History Quest Complete screen with the reward.