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   Romeo and Juliet Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Gnat

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: Juliet's house, which is just west of Varrock on the north side of the road.

Required Items: Cadaver berries (you can get them east of the stone circles which is south of varrock)

Reward: 5 quest points

Romeo and Juliet Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Juliet on her second floor balcony to learn about the love affair with Romeo and the complications that have set in. She asks you to take a message to Romeo in Varrock square.

  2. Find Romeo and he'll tell you of what is said in the letter. He directs you to Father Lawrence in the chapel to the north east.

  3. The Father will tell you that you need to make a special potion. A cadaver potion. He sends you to the apothecary, you can find him just south of the square and a little west.

  4. Assuming you have your berries, go to the apothecary and talk to him twice to get the potion that he mixes for you.

  5. Take the potion back to Juliet and she'll thank you and remind you to go remind Romeo of the plan, because he can "be quite dense sometimes."

  6. Walk back to Romeo and tell him that Juliet has the potion and he needs to go revive her from the crypt. Unfourtanetly the poor fool misunderstands and thinks she is dead permanently. What a great ending, Juliet dies and Romeo lives his life in misery.

  7. You will get your reward after talking to Romeo, who cares about a bad ending as long as you get your reward, right? Even though it's not much.

*This guide was written by Gnat and is also currently posted on RuneHQ and is not to be copied and distributed without the permission of Gnat or the owners of RHQ*