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   Prince Ali Rescue Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: Al Kharid Palace, talk to Hassan

Required Items: Rope, around 50gp, a wig (Get 3 Balls of wool and give them to Ned), Yellow dye, Redberries, 3 beers, Soft Clay, Ashes, Pink Skirt, 2 Buckets of Water, Flour and a Bronze Bar

Reward: Permission to pass through Al Kharid Gate for free, 700gp, 3 Quest Points

Prince Ali Rescue Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. First talk to Hassan in the Palace, and he will tell you to speak with Osman. Osman hangs around outside the palace, so go talk to him there. Tell Osman that Hassan sent you, and he will tell you that Lady Keli has kidnapped Prince Ali and that you will need to do two things: get an imprint of the key to the prison, and make a disguise for yourself.

  2. Go to Draynor Village and speak with Leela. Tell her you are there to help free Prince Ali. She'll tell you what you still need. If you still need an item, look in the Items/Skills Required to Start section of the guide.

  3. Go to Aggie the Witch and she will make you Skin Paste. Once you have all of your items, use the yellow dye on the wig to make it 'blonde'.

  4. Go east to the prison and speak to Lady Keli. Tell her that you have heard of her and that she is famous all over Runescape. Tell her she must have been very skillful to capture the Prince. Flatter her in any way possible. Then ask her if she is sure that they wont let the prisoner escape or be rescued. Ask to see her key, and then ask to touch it. If you have the soft clay with you, you will automatically make an imprint of the key in the clay.

  5. Go back to Osman in Al Kharid and show him the imprint and give him your bronze bar. He will tell you that Leela will give you the key.

  6. Go to Leela and pick up the key. Then go to the house near Lady Keli and talk to the Guard named Joe. Ask him if he would like a beer, and then keep giving him beers until he gets drunk.

  7. Use the rope on Lady Keli to tie her up and use your key to get the Prince out of the jail. He'll take your disguise and head to Al Kharid. Then go back and talk to Hassan again. He will reward you, and you can now pass through the toll gate for free.