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   Pirate's Treasure Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Ged

Corrections/Additions: Supercoolyo

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: The tavern in Port Sarim

Required Items: 60 coins, a White apron, a Spade

Reward: 2 Quest points, 450gp, a cut Emerald, and a Gold Ring

Pirate's Treasure Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Redbeard Frank and he will tell you about some treasure. Tell him you want it and he will ask for some Karamja Rum.

  2. Pay 30gp and sail to Karamja. Go to the inn and buy some Karamja Rum for 30gp.

  3. Talk to Luthas and ask him for a job. He will ask you to pick 10 bananas from his plantation and stack them in a crate infront of his house.

  4. Go to the banana trees and pick 10 bananas. Now, go to the crate. Use the bananas one by one on the crate. Once you put in about 2 or 3, use the rum on the crate. You will stash the rum in there. Now, continue filling the crate with bananas. You need 10 bananas to fill the crate.

  5. Talk to Luthas and he will tell you that the crate has been sent off. Take the pay and talk to the customs officer. She will charge you 30gp to sail back.

  6. Now, put on your white apron. Walk west to Wydins food store, and ask him for employment in his shop. He will not let you go in unless you are wearing a white apron. Walk in the back room and search the crate in the middle, and take out your rum.

  7. Walk out of the store and talk to Redbeard. Give him the rum and he will hand you a key.

  8. Go to Varrock and go to the Half Moon Inn. Go up to the second floor and look for a chest. Use the key on the chest and you should get a note. Read the note.

  9. Go to Falador, and find the garden, near the East bank. West of a Statue is the spot of sun flowers. Dig on the flowers, and when Wyson the Gardener attacks you, kill him and dig there again.
Here is a map that shows where to dig ('X' marks the spot!):

Congratulations! Quest Complete!