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   Goblin Diplomacy Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Ged

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: The bartender in the Port Sarim Pub

Required Items: Maybe a weapon, 50+ coins, nice idea to get the 3 dyes and 3 Goblin mails before you start the quest.

Reward: 5 quest points, some crafting experience, and a gold bar

Goblin Diplomacy Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to the bartender in the Port Sarim Pub. He will tell you the goblins are at war.

  2. The goblins are located north of falador, past dorics house. Once you get there go to the house in the middle and find the 2 goblin leaders, General Wartface and General Bentnoze.

  3. Talk to either one of them and they will start arguing about their armor colors. Ask them if there is a way you can help and they will tell you to get them 3 different color armors.

  4. Now you need to kill goblins to get 3 goblin armors. This can get annoying. You can also buy them from other players. New players will also sell them at the Lumbridge General Store, so always check there first.

  5. Once you have your 3 armors, you are ready to get the dyes made. You will need to gather the ingredients. (If you already have, just skip this part).

    Getting red dye: You will need 3 redberries. These spawn southeast of Varrock, just a little east of the Dark Wizards. With this and 5 coins, Aggie can make you some red dye.

    Getting yellow dye: You will need 2 onions and 5 coins. The onions can be found behind Farmer Fred's house east of a Draynor Village.

    Getting blue dye: You will need 2 woad leaves. These can be bought from Wyson the Gardener in the Falador Park, but you need to speak to Aggie first. Just ask her to make you some blue dye, and she will ask for woad leaves. Ask where you can get them, and she will tell you that Wyson has some. Now you can buy them from Wyson.

  6. Once you have all 3 dyes and all 3 armors, mix the red and yellow dye together to get orange. Use the orange dye on an armor, the blue dye on an armor, and keep the third armor plain.

  7. Head back to the goblins and talk to either general again and give them the armors.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!