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   Ernest the Chicken Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Psycho944

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: In front of draynor manor; talk to Veronica

Reward: 300 gp, and 4 quest points

Ernest the Chicken Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Veronica outside the Draynor Manor gates to start the quest. She will tell you about how Ernest went inside a long time ago and hasn't come out, and will ask you to go look for him.

  2. Go upstairs to the top floor and you will find a professor. Talk to him and he says that he has turned Ernest into a chicken, he will need the following things in order to fix his machine and change him back: a rubber tube, a gauge, and an oil can. He says that the pesky goblins have taken them and hidden them.

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  4. To get the rubber tube take a spade from the room with all of the crates, take the door to the outside and go around the manor until you see some cabbages with a compost heap next to it.

  5. Use the spade on the compost heap and you should find a key.

  6. Go back inside the manor and find a room with a skeleton in it (behind the stiars), open it with the key and the rubber tube should be on the floor.

  7. Then to get the go into the room that is pink on the map and there should be two bookcases. Search one of them and it should open to reveal another room. Go in there.

  8. Go down the ladder and into the maze.

  9. Pull lever A then pull lever B. They should be the first two levers that you can access.

    Then go through the northeastern door. Pull lever D and go through the southwestern door.

    Go through the southern door and pull lever A and then lever B.

    Then go through the northwestern door, then through the western door, then the northern door.

    Pull lever E and then lever F and go through the eastern door.

    Go through the eastern again and pull lever C.

    Then go through the northwestern door, then the western door, then pull lever E.

    Next go through the eastern door, then the southern door, and southern door again, and go through the west door

  10. The Oil can should be on the floor there.

  11. Then go upstairs and get the fish food from the second story of the manor.

  12. Go to the witch's room and get the poison.

  13. Use the poison with the fish food.

  14. Go outside and around the manor until you find a fountain, search it.

  15. There should be piranhas in the fountain. Use the poisoned fish food on the fountain to kill them.

  16. Search the fountain and you should get the oil gauge.

  17. Go back up to the professor, give him all the items, and he should turn Ernest back into a human. Ernest will thank you and give you your reward.
Congratulations! Quest Complete!