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   Lost Tribe, The Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Sigmund on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 3000 Mining Experience, Ring of Life, and Freedom to walk the Dorgeshuun mines.

Lost Tribe, The Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Head to Lumbridge Castle and on the second floor talk to Sigmund. He will tell you about a hole in the castle cellar and would like you to investigate it and talk to the villagers to learn more about the hole. Leave the castle and talk to Bob, hans, Priest and Cook they should be nearby the castle.

  2. One of the people will tell you that he heard a sound coming from down the cellar and he saw a goblin with a headlight. later when he came back the hole has been blocked off by rubble.

  3. After speaking with Hans head back to the castle and talk to the duke and Sigmund, they will now require for you to investigate the hole. for this step bring a pickax, light source, teleportation and food.

  4. In Lumbridge castle by the cook theres a trapdoor, enter it and you will find yourself in a cellar of some sort. On the east is a sealed hole in the wall. use your pickax with it to clear it out then enter it. you will find youself in an extremely dark windy tunnel.

    Walk a bit and you will see a brooch on the ground. pick it up.

  5. Show the brooch to the Duke and Sigmund and they will send you to the Varrock Library for more information. Show Reldo the brooch and he will tell you to search the western shelves for a book. do so and you will get a book on goblin history. Read it and tell your findings to one of the goblin generals in goblin village so make your way there.

  6. The generals will argue about the brooch but at the end you will learn the goblin emotes and more of the storyline. Now return to the duke and sigmund and talk to them. They will let you find out more about the tribe before they 'crush' them.

  7. Head into the cave and you'll be led to a split in the road, follow the eastern path to the eastern cave. Here is when it gets tricky. You will come to another split in the tunnel, go east. Then you will come to another split, go north. At the next split in the tunnel, go west. Head west all the way to the 2 way split in the cave, then take the northwest cave. If you just passed a bone crane, you're in the right spot. At the next split, follow the southwest path. Continue down that path until you see a bone crane on top of the rock wall pointing north. Take it's advice and head north through the tunnel. Follow the path to a room with a circle of a rock wall in the center. Walk around the circle wall along the western path. Once again, you will encounter a split in the cavern. This time follow the east path. At the next split, take the northern path. Continue following this cave and you'll see the end of the maze on your mini map. At the next split in the road, follow the southern path. You should end up with 3 pathways to choose, so take the middle path and continue to the end. You will finally make it out of the cave.

  8. You will have arrived at a small underground goblin mine, use the goblin bow emote you have learned earlier from the goblin generals and Mistag will start to talk to you. he will tell you about their existance underground and will tell you that he wants to make peace. When you are done go back and talk to the Duke and Sigmund. They will inform you of a missing silverware and make you find it. before you leave, pickpocket sigmund and open the chest in the next room. you will find H.A.M robes and be shocked at Sigmund's hatred of the goblins.

  9. Now go to the H.A.M hideout west of lumbridge and enter, the crate next to the entrance will hold the missing silverware.

  10. Return to the Duke and with the new evidence you and the Duke will fire Sigmund and give you a peace treaty to hand over to Mistag. Hand it over and after a cutscene.

  11. Quest Complete!

    After quest completion you can sell iron and silver to Mistag and you can kill Level 11 Cave Goblin Miners to get Mining Helmets, Level 24 Cave Goblin Guards to get Bone Clubs, and Level 26 Cave Goblin Guards to get Bone Spears.