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   Mourning's Ends Part 1 Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Roving Elves ,Talk to Eluned

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 25k Thieving Exp, and 25k Hitpoints Exp

Mourning's Ends Part 1 Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. To start the quest talk to Eluned who is located in the southern Roving Elves are of Isafdar. She will hand you a crystal that will teleport to her village of Lletya and whenever it runs out she will recharge it at first 750gp then dropping. When you arrive at the village talk to Arianwyn and he will tell you to infiltrate the mourner stronghold but before you do anything buy the required dyes for use later in the quest from the elven clothes shop owner.

  2. Head back to the mountain pass and kill a lvl 11 mourner, be careful because their first attack will take all your combat stats, even hp to 20. So dispose of one immediately and then pick up everything he drops. the full mourner clothing and the note. but you realize that the mourner top and bottom are dirty so you will need to clean them before heading further.

  3. Bring the Mourner top to Tegid in taverly. He will be easy to spot because hes the only one there by the lake washing his clothes. Ask him about removing bloodstains and he will tell you to use soap. so from his nearby bucket steal a bar of soap and with a bucket of water in your inventory wash the mourner top, soon it will be clean enough to wear.

  4. Bring the Mourner Bottom to the clothes shop in Lletya. Talk to Oronwen, the shop owner and ask her to mend your clothing, she will require 1 fur and 2 silk to make it. and after a minute they will be done.

  5. Now bring the toad crunchies, the log,soft leather, a feather and the note with you. Wear only full mourner(no wep,rings,ammy,arrows) and enter the mourner headquarters which is northeast of plague city. walk through the front door and go down the trapdoor in the next room. talk to the head mourner and he will tell you to dye some sheep and he give you a key and a broken device and tell you to try to trick the gnome next door to help.

  6. Go to the other room with the gnome on the rack, talk to him and he will tell you that he likes toad crunchies and hates being tickled. then use the feather on him twice with the crunchies in your inventory to make him speak. he will now agree to fix the device if you release him and hand him the log and leather. After handing him the stuff. wait awhile then talk to him and you have your device, now to find out what it shoots.

  7. If you havent done so before, purchase the required dyes from Lletya or from Aggie in Draynor Village. go all the way down to the Chomby grounds south of Yannile and get some orgre bellows. first you put the dye in the bellows then take the swamp toads. at the end you should have 4 different colored toads. Head back to Adougne.

  8. Now you will have to locate the 4 sheep north of Ardougne and dye them. First examine them so you will know what color toad to shoot then load and shoot. First get the sheep on target and hit the red button to shoot. After you are done with all 4 sheep go back and talk to the Head Mourner.

  9. The head mourner would like you to find out about the poison the mourners got not long ago that was put in by a joker(you) into their food and put that poison into the city's food supply. Get a rotten apple nearby and go to Elena and after a long conversation she will agree to help. after her tests she will tell you to get more apples and take a solvent mentioned from a book.

  10. Go west of the Lathas training grounds to the apple orchard. take two barrels. fill one with rotten apples and use it with the apple strainer nearby. After you have gotten the rotten apple mush go get a barrel of coal-tar from south of the elf tracker. Now with some coal go to the Rimmington Chemist and distill the coal-tar to naptha.. Now mix the buckets together and heat it over a range. if you heat it over a fire it will explode and possibly kill you or do alot of damage. After your done you will get 2 bits of powder.

  11. Put the powder bits in the grain sacks in the main building of plague city and the other bit in the general store pile. After your done go back to the head mourner and..