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   Enakhra's Lament Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Lazim in the desert directly south of the Bandit Camp.

Required Skills: Level 45 Mining, Level 50 Crafting, Level 45 Firemaking, Level 43 Prayer, Level 39 Magic

Required Quests: None

Required Items: Runes for a lvl 2+ fire and air spell(bolt,blast or wave), Runes to cast a crumble undead spell, Normal, Oak, Willow and Maple log(all can be obtained easily from seers), jug, bread, candle, coal, clay, tinderbox, pickaxe and a chisel.

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 7000 Crafting, Magic, Mining, and Firemaking XP, and Akthanakos's Camulet.

Enakhra's Lament Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. To get to the starting point of the quest, take a magic carpet to the Bedabin camp. After that, walk south to the Bandit camp. From there go SouthEast to a circle of cacti\mirrors. Finally, from there head south until you see the quest start symbol on your map. Talk to Lazim.

  2. Lazim will tell you about his problem. He's a sculptor and he can't hold a chisel which means you will make the statue. For the first step he will require for you to get him 32kg in stoneblocks, but because it is very heavy you will need to figure out how to make 32kg from 1kg, 2kg, 5kg or 10kg sandstones. From Lazim head southwest to a mine and mine the dark brown rocks for your sandstone.

    Using your math skills, find a combination of sandstones that will add up to 32kg and return to Lazim.

  3. Hand Lazim the sandstone blocks one by one until you are complete. Afterwards he will put the blocks together and tell you to craft a base out of the huge block. Use your chisel with the sandstone block to make a base, talk to Lazim then put the base on the flat ground next to him.

  4. Talk to Lazim and he will require 20 kg of sandstone for the next step. As you did in step 2, get 20kg in sandstone and then talk to Lazim. He will tell you to craft the body and add it on. Afterwards, chisel the headless statue for the finishing touches on its body. Now you will need to add a head. Talk to Lazim and he will require you to get 2 medium sized granite stones and make a head. Before doing so you will need to choose what head you will craft and remember it.

  5. Go back to the mine and get 2 medium blocks of granite. You might need to mine a while before getting them however. But when you get them, craft the head you chose earlier and talk to Lazim. If your newly crafted head matches what you said earlier it will be fine. Otherwise, you will have to do it again. Put the completed head on the statue and watch the cutscene.

  6. After the cutscene, you will appear at a temple-like area.

    Talk to Lazim and he will ask you to explore the rest of the temple. But for that you will require limbs, so to spare your own chisel off all 4 of the limbs of the fallen statue. Now pick up the sigli from the pedestal and continue. Every room you enter will require a limb and metal letter. The letters will be available in every room.

  7. On the floor you are on, you will need the statue limbs to open the doors. Everytime you do that, you will see a short cutscene.

    Continue doing that until you have gotten every door and return to Lazim. Ask him about the statue head and he will give it to you. Now continue on.

  8. Make your way into the middle of the floor and climb up the ladder. You will be in an area with 4 passages to the corners and a pedestal. But before you continue you will need to solve the quick puzzles from the 4 corners first.

    Northwest: Give the hungry man a loaf of bread

    Southwest: Use a fire spell on the frozen fountain.

    Southeast: Use an air spell on the clogged furnace.

    Northeast: There will be 6 braziers, investigate each one to find out which log it burns and then put in the right ones.

    Pedestal: Use soft clay on it and you will get a mould. Now craft the medium block of granite you have and you will automatically make a stone head. Now put the head into the pedestal and watch the cutscene.

  9. After the cutscene, pass the magic barrier and climb the ladder. From there, head south and you will see a skeleton guard. To take care of him just cast a crumble undead spell on him and walk over his remains. You can also take his bones and bury them for a bit of prayer experience. Now climb down the ladder.

  10. After climbing down the ladder you will be in a room with a skeleton guard, an incomplete wall and Enakhra with her back turned. Turn on melee protect and talk to the boneguard who will try to attack you. Keep the prayer on until he stops and lets you help him out. Basically, you have to build a wall to keep Enakhra trapped.

  11. Pick up some blocks from the nearby pile and use them one by one on the wall. Following every block, use a chisel to trim it for the next one. After a few rocks the wall will be completed. Now talk to the boneguard and you will see a cutscene and...

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Camulet and Camel Mask
The Camulet is the reward of the quest that lets you talk to camels. It also has 4 charges like a glory amulet that will teleport you to Enakhra's Temple. To recharge it all you have to do is use camel dung with it. To get camel dung go to Pollineveach and buy a red hot sauce bottle from the kebab salesman then use it on the food trough of the camels nearby and later some camel dung will appear. You just need to scoop it up with a bucket and use it on the amulet. Also, after the quest players have an option to get a camel mask which is just a headgear with no stats or abilities. You can get the camel mask by using soft clay on the pedestal before the magic barrier in the temple.