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   Darkness of Hallowvale, The Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Corrections/Additions: Zero

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Myreque base camp, Burgh de Rott. Speak with Veliaf at the Myreque Base Camp in Burgh de Rott

Required Skills: 5 Construction, 20 Mining, 22 Thieving, 26 Agility, 32 Crafting, 33 Magic, and 40 Strength

Required Quests: In Aid of the Myreque

Required Items: 2 Planks, 8 Nails (any kind), Knife, Saw, Hammer, Food, Runes (for teleport)

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 7k Agility XP, 6K Thieving XP, 2k Construction XP, Tome of Experience with three chapters, 2k XP per chapter on a skill of your choice over level 30

Darkness of Hallowvale, The Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
The Search
Items: 8 Nails (any kind), 2 Planks, Hammer.

  1. To start the quest talk to Veliaf who is located in the new Myreque base under the bar in Burgh de Rott. Ask him all the questions offered, and you will find out that you have to find a way into the Sanguinesti Region.

  2. Go southeast of the bank until you reach a broken down shack with a broken down boat. Fix it by using a plank and 4 nails on it. Afterwards, fix the boat chute with your other plank and 4 nails.

    Then push the boat down the chute and it will be by the docks. Board the boat and you will be east of Burgh De Rott.

  3. When you arrive, jump up the rock and keep climbing up the wall. You will see that there are alot of Vyrewatches flying around. They can't be damaged at all and they won't attack you but will engage you in conversation in which you can offer a blood tithe(he will damage you a bit), you can try to hit him (you can't), or you can try to sneak away from him. Anyways as you are walking on the wall you will notice that some floorboards squeek a bit. Use the rightclick option in which you kick down the floorboards and climb down the boards like a ladder.

    After that climb up the wall rubble and you will be inside Meiyerditch.

  4. Talk to some locals and use the whisper options. They will point you out to Old Man Ral.

    He is located around the center of Meiyerditch, and is wearing a hat and carrying a staff. Tell him that the locals called him Sage of Sanguinesti, and he will start telling you to follow the symbols around the area to reach Sector 3, in which the people you are looking for are located.

Follow the Sickle Path
Items: 1 knife, Teleportation.

  1. Head to the most southwestern house with a ladder and climb up it. On the wall will be a sickle symbol.

    On the southern side of the building there will be some floorboards in which you can hop over to the building on the southeast.

  2. Now push the wall by the sickle symbol and cross over the 'bridge' you made.

    Crawl under the wall and you will be in a room with a Meiyerditch citizen walking around in it.

  3. Go to the north side of the room and you'll find another sickle symbol by the bed.

    Push the wall and cross over to the other side. Climb down the ladder. Search the table and you will find that it is a trapdoor. Climb down and you will find a tunnel to the next building.

  4. In the building you will find another sickle symbol (located right by the shelf).

    Climb up the ladder-like shelf, then crawl under the wall and hop across the floorboards to the next building. Climb down the ladder and search the pots by the door. Unlock the door.

  5. You'll find another sickle symbol right by the doorway.

    Climb up the ladder and hop the floorboards to the next building. Climb up the shelves and the next ladder to the roof. Hop the floorboards, and down the ladder. Afterwards walk across the washing line. Climb down the ladder and push the wall. Climb up those shelves, then climb down the second shelves. Hop the boards north of the building and then to the east.

  6. At the next Sickle symbol climb up the ladder, and search the walls for a ladder top part. Climb back down and fix the top with the broken ladder.

    Climb it and you will be on the ground level again. Head for the most northern house with a ladder and climb up. Hop the floorboards and go down the stairs. Now use a knife with the wall and you will open a secret passage into the next room. Press the sickle symbol and open and enter the trapdoor.

  7. After you have entered the trapdoor, head all the way north and talk to Vertida Sefalatis. After a bit of talking he'll give you a message to deliver to Veliaf. So now you should either teleport or go back the way you came.

The Message
Items: None

  1. Go back to Veliaf in the Burgh De Rott Inn and deliver the message. He will tell you to go speak with Drezel.

  2. Drezel will tell you to search around the Paterdomus steps. So go back out and by the steps will be some bushes. Search them to enter a short cutscene.

    Then talk to Drezel again and he will send you to King Roald.

  3. Talk to King Roald and his advisor about what happened and after a long conversation you will be teleported back to Drezel. Talk to him and he will tell you to speak to Veliaf again. He will tell you to go back to Vertida.

  4. To go back to the Myreque hideout you can either use the way you came or you can do the following.
    First get a Vampire interested in you. Then you get sent to the mines. There, mine about 15 of those ores and then you will be let out. Afterwards go all the way south until you reach the building where you repaired the broken ladder earlier, and take the same path to Vertida.

  5. Talk to Vertida and he will want you to assist his leader Safalaan in sketching Drakan's Castle. He will offer to take you back to the beginning. Accept. From there head back to the wall where you kicked the floorboards in and head all the way north until you find a ladder. Climb down. You will see a huge barracade and a rocky surface on the wall.

    Search the surface and enter through the barricade. Keep heading north, climbing up and down the ladders until you reach Safalaan on a platform. Speak to him.

The Castle and the Second Message
Items: Food, Knife

  1. Safalaan will require you to sketch the castle from the North, West then South. He will give you charcoal and papyrus, which is to be used to sketch. If you are to lose them Old man Ral will have replacements. To start, run to the west of Safalaan and keep going on the wall until you reach the northern area. Stand on the sickle symbol and start sketching.

  2. After the northern side, go to the western side and stand on that symbol and sketch. You will enter a cutscene. Afterwards make way for the south.

  3. As you sketch the southern side, Vanstorm Klause will spot you and will attack you.

    Just let him keep hitting you until Sarius Guille saves you. She will tell you to deliver a message to Safalaan. After that finish sketching the south side head back to the Base and give the sketches to Safalaan. He will then tell you to investigate the message Sarius gave you.

  4. Go southwest of the hideout and into the building with the fireplace. Use a knife with the fireplace to get the message and a key.

    Give the message back to Safalaan and he will tell you to find out about a laboratory mentioned in the message.

The Secret Labarotory
Items: Large Ornate Key (found earlier), Knife.

  1. Get back to ground level in the building by the broken ladder you fixed earlier. Head all the way northeast until you reach a building with a yellow tapestry hanging in it. Enter the building and slash the tapestry with a knife to walk through.

  2. Use the large ornate key you found earlier on the statue and you will unlock a secret door.

    Go through it and climb down the steps. You will find yourself located in a secret laboratory. Search the broken rune chest in the northwest corner to receive a varrock teleport and a telegrab spell.

  3. Use telegrab on the book in the room to get it.

    Next, head back to the Myreque HQ and give Safalaan the book. He will tell you to give a message back to Veliaf, and will also give you a shortcut key to make your journey through the city much easier.

  4. Return to Veliaf with the message, and after a few words with him you will receive a tome of experience.

Quest Complete!

After you have completed the quest you can buy citizen or Vyre clothes from Trader Sven located in Sector one (beginning) of the city of Meiyerditch. They are mainly for looks because their stats aren't as good. The shortcut key can be used to go through locked doors that you couldn't go through earlier as you were travelling the city.