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   Lunar Diplomacy Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Corrections/Additions: Zero

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to Brimstail, in his cave on the western side of the tree gnome stronghold.

Required Skills: Level 61 Crafting, Level 40 Defence, Level 49 Firemaking, Level 5 Herblore, Level 65 Magic, Level 60 Mining, Level 55 Woodcutting.

Required Quests: The Fremenik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village

Required Items: Weapon, Tinderbox, Armor, Food, Pickaxe, Spade, Guam Leaf, Marrentil, Pestle and Mortar, access to Air, Water, Earth and Fire Altars (seperate tallys or elemental), Needle, Thread, 400gp, Axe (optional).

Reward: 50 Astral runes, 5,000 magic and runecrafting experience, and access to new spells and Astral rune crafting.

Lunar Diplomacy Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Lokar by the docks and he will tell you a tiny bit about the Moon Clan, and that he would like you to be a diplomat for them from the Fremeniks. He however tells you to get a Seal of Passage from the Chief.

  2. Talk to the Chief in the main hall, and easily enough he will just hand over a Seal of Passage. Go back to Lokar and you will sail to a Pirate Island. Nothing much to see on the island, just Moss Giants for training, and Pirates. Climb onto the boat.

  3. Talk to the Captain on the boat, and ask him all the questions provide. Later, tell him to start sailing. For some reason the ship isn't going anywhere. You will need to solve this problem.

    Talk to the Navigator who is one deck below. He says a jinx caused the problem. Then talk to the Captain. He will tell you to find out who the jinx is. Now talk to 'Eagle Eye Shultz' on the north side of the ship. He will tell you more about the jinx, and the feast that was held earlier. Next, talk to the Cook below the ship and he will tell you about a feast. Go back, all the way up to the top, and talk to the Cabin Boy, the first Mate, and then finally the Cabin Boy again. He will tell you that he drew symbols all over the ship. He will give you a lantern to find them. All you do is use the lantern with the symbol areas to get rid of them.

    Here are the Locations:

    - By the Cabin Boy - Cannon on the East.

    - First Mate Cabin - Wall Chart

    - Lowest level - Chest by the stairs

    - Lowest level - Support by the Cook (only one)

    - Lowest level - Huge crate by the Cook>

  4. After you found all the symbols, talk to the Captain and you will be on your way to the Moon Clan Island. They have a bank there so don't worry about banking before you arrive.

Preparing for the Ceremony

Items Needed: Weapon, Armor, Food, Pickaxe, Spade, Guam Leaf, Marrentil, Pestle and Mortar, Access to all elemental altars (Air, Water, Earth, Fire).

  1. From the pier you arrived at go all the way southeast, and you will see the Astral Rune altar. Talk to the Oneiromancer and she will tell you that you will need to go through a ritual in which you will require a Potion of Waking Sleep. She'll tell you to speak to Baba Yaga in her Chicken House.

    The house is found north of the bank, and is hard to miss. Go inside. Baba Yaga will tell you that you need to get a Guam, Marrentil, and a Ground Suguah Toot. He will give you an empty vial.

    To get a Suquah Tooth, just kill a Suquah outside the village. You should also kill 4 more and take their hides for later.

  2. Once you get the items, fill up the vial Baba Yaga gave you and make the potion. Give the Potion to the Oneiromancer and she will tell you to make a Lunar staff.

  3. To make a Lunar Staff you will need to take a Dramen staff and enchant it with(in order) the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth Altars. Once you got it, go back to the Oneiromancer. She will give you instructions into getting the Ceremonial clothing or Lunar Set.

  4. Now you will need to get the Ceremonial clothing or Lunar Set. Here's how:
    Helmet -Go northeast of the entrance to the village and into the dungeon. Mine a Stalagmite and you will get Lunar Ore. Now go back to Relleka to smelt and smith it into a Lunar Helmet.

    Cape - Talk to Pauline Polaris and she will tell you to guess her real name. It would be Jane-Blud-Hagic-Maid.

    Amulet - Talk to Meteora. She agrees to give you the amulet after you get her tiara from Suquah. So kill some Suquah's until you get the tiara.

    Ring - Talk to Selene and she will say that it is buried somewhere on the island.

    She will give you clues to find it. To find the ring, head south of the village, but on your way to the Oneiromancer go across a bridge that goes west. You should see a tall patch of flowers in that area where the ring is buried.

    Torso, Gloves, Boots, Trousers - Get 4 Sequah hides and tan them at the clothing store (Talk to Rimae). Then use a needle and thread to make them.

  5. Now talk to the Oneiromancer again, and she will give you back all your items. She will tell you to light a kindling in the village centre, and drink the potion to start the ritual.

The Ritual: Dreamland!

  • To start The Ritual or enter the Dreamworld: Directly west of the Village e ntrance is a huge building. The kindling is located inside. Use the potion with the kindling and light the brazier, and then use the soaked kindling with it to enter...Dreamland!

  • Talk to the Ethereal Man and he will tell you that you must pass 7 challenges or minigames. After every minigame you will need to talk to the Ethereal Man to proceed.

  • -Minigame 1 (Northwest Corner)-

    Talk to the Ethereal Guide. You will need to make it to the other side without falling. It is different for every person. A good strategy is to try all the available steps you can jump to, and remember them. If you do fall you will just return to where you started.

    -Minigame 2 (Northeast Corner)-

    Talk to the Ethereal Guide. Both of you will race and compete to see who can cut 20 logs first. If you don't have an axe the Guide will give you one. After you cut your logs you will need to put them in the center pile. A good woodcutting lvl helps.
    Note: It is suggested that you put 2 or more logs in at a time.

    Minigame 3 (East)

    Talk to the Ethereal Guide. Here you'll have another race. This time, he gets a straight path to run, and you get a curvy one with hurdles. A good agility lvl helps. Have run on, and jump through all the hurdles. If you fail to jump a hurdle you will take some damage.

    Minigame 4 (One platform south of the last minigame)

    Talk to the Ethereal Numerator. This time, you'll be required to put in the next two numbers of a pattern which he will give you (just press them). As long as you have the ability to complete simple number patterns, you'll be fine.

    Minigame 5 (Southeast Corner)

    Talk to the Ethereal Mimic. Study your emotes! You'll have to "mimic" his emotes, as he's doing them. Its very simple. He'll teleport around. All you need to do is talk to him, and he'll tell you what kind of emote to do.

    Minigame 6 (Southwest Corner)

    Talk to the Ethereal Fluke. This time you will be given a number.You need to roll all the dice, so that it adds up to that number. There are two dice that can only roll to a 6 and 1, two dice have a 5 and 2, and two dices have a 3 and 4.

    After you have completed all the minigames, talk to the Ethereal Man and he'll bring you to the last challenge. Now you have to fight 'Me'. Me is lvl 79, and he will teleport you around the place. He should be easy.

  • After you have killed him, or "me", Talk to the Ethereal Man. Exit through the Book of Life, and then talk the Oneiromancer and...

  • Congratulations! Quest Complete!

  • After-Quest
    After the quest you can pray at the altar for the Lunar Spells, and also use that altar to make the new rune (the astral rune).
    Note: To talk to any of the NPCs on the island, you'll need the Seal of Passage. If you are to lose your Lunar items that you have obtained in the quest,except staff, you may buy them back from the Oneiromancer for a rather... expensive price.

    Lunar Helm = 15k
    Lunar Torso = 120k
    Lunar Trousers = 80k
    Lunar Gloves = 10k
    Lunar Boots = 10k
    Lunar Cape = 12k
    Lunar Amulet = 4k
    Lunar Ring = 2k
    Full Set = 253k

    Lunar Spells

    After the quest you will have access to Lunar spells. These spells make mundane tasks more magical. To switch spells either way just pray at the Oneiromancer's Altar (similar to how you pray to switch to Ancient Magic Spells). These spells will use a new rune, the Astral Rune which is runecrafted at the same Altar, which in addition requires level 40 Runecrafting.

    Explanations: Group Teleports- Teleports everyone in a 3x3 Square area around you to the location of your choice, only if they have accept aid on. This spell can be casted anywhere in Runescape except single-combat area wilderness.

    Healing Spells and Potion Spells- Can be casted anywhere in Runescape except single-combat area wilderness.


    Lvl 65: Bake Pie
    -Bakes all Pies in the Inventory

    Lvl 66: Cure Plant
    -Cures plants in the directed farming patch

    Lvl 67: NPC Contact
    -Talk to NPCs around Runescape
    Honest Jimmy, Bert the Sandman, Advisor Ghrim, Turael, Lanthus, Mazchna, Duradel, Vannaka, Murphy, Chaeldar.

    Lvl 68: Cure Other
    -Cures poison to directed player

    Lvl 69: Moonclan Teleport
    Lvl 70: Moonclan Group Teleport
    -Teleports to the Moonclan Island.

    Lvl 71: Cure Me
    -Cures poison without a antipoison potion on yourself.

    Lvl 72: Waterbirth Teleport
    Lvl 73: Waterbirth Group Teleport
    -Teleports to Waterbirth Island

    Lvl 74: Cure Group
    -Cures poison in a group

    Lvl 75: Barbarian Outpost Teleport
    Lvl 76: Barbarian Outpost Group Teleport
    -Teleports to Barbarian Outpost(Barbarian Agility Arena)

    Lvl 77: Super-Glass Make
    -Makes Molten glass without a furnace

    Lvl 78: Khazard Teleport
    Lvl 79: Khazard Group Teleport
    -Teleports to Port Khazard(Trawler Minigame)

    Lvl 80: String Jewelry
    -String Jewelry without a ball of wool

    Lvl 81: Stat Restore Pot Share
    -Shares a stat restoring potion with up to 4 players, depending on dose of potion and players around. Can be used on Restore, Super Restore, Energy, Super Energy and Prayer Potions.

    Lvl 82: Magic Imbue
    -Automatically combines runes without access to a runecrafting altar

    Lvl 83: Fertile Soil
    -Fertilized the directed farming patch with supercompost

    Lvl 84: Boost Potion Share
    -Shares a Boost potion with up to 4 players, depending on dose of potion and players around. Can be used on Super Strength, Super Attack, Super Defense, Magic, Ranged and Agility Potions.

    Lvl 85: Fishing Guild Teleport
    Lvl 86: Fishing Guild Group Teleport
    -Teleports to Outside the Fishing Guild.

    Lvl 87: Catherby Teleport
    Lvl 88: Catherby Group Teleport
    -Teleports to Catherby.

    Lvl 89: Ice Plateau Teleport
    Lvl 90: Ice Plateau Group Teleport
    -Teleports to Ice plateau in high lvl wilderness, If casted at a group, the people with accept aid on will get a message wheter theyw ant to travel to high lvl wilderness or not.

    Lvl 91: Energy Transfer
    -Transfer up to all your run and special attack energy to your opponent.

    Lvl 92: Heal Other
    -Transfer up to 75% of your hp to a player, only 75% of your hp at most though and you will still need to heal.

    Lvl 93: Vengeance O ther
    -Allows you to cast Vengeance on another player.

    Lvl 94: Vengeance
    -Vengeance when casted allows the first attack of your opponent(or target's) to have a huge percentage of their first attack damage back to them. Example: you have vengeance on, your opponent hits a 30 and you deal 23 back.

    Lvl 95: Heal Group
    - Transfers up to 75% of your hp to a group of people, only 75% of your hp at most and you still need to heal afterwards.