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   Eyes of Glouphrie, The Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to Brimstail, in his cave on the western side of the tree gnome stronghold

Required Skills: Level 5 Construction, Level 46 Magic, Level 13 Runecrafting would be an advantage, Level 45 Woodcutting would be an advantage

Required Quests: Must have completed The Grand Tree

Required Items: 1 Mud Rune, 1 Oak and Maple log, 1 Chisel, 1 Bucket, 1 Knife, Teleportation, Saw, Hammer, Pestle and Mortar

Eyes of Glouphrie, The Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Brimstail to start the quest. Brimstail is located in his cave southwest of the Grand Tree. After you talk to him he will tell you to look at everything in the next room and talk to him again. Brimstail will want you to talk to Hazelmere about the machine and the old gnomish days.

  2. Hazelmere is located east of Yannile on a jungle spider island, When you talk to him he will appear to speak gibberish but then he will cast a weird magic spell and talk to you in your head. He will tell you about Gnome history and his experiences through cutscenes and will give you a crystal disc for the machine.

  3. Return to Brimstail and you will tell him everything Hazelmere told you. While you're doing that, someone sneaks in and breaks the machine.

    Now you will need to try to repair the machine by yourself and unlock it afterwards.

  4. Repairing the Machine

  5. Take a glider to White Wolf Mountain and with a bucket in your inventory use a knife with an evergreen. Afterwards ground a mud rune with a pestle and mortar. Now out the ground mud runes into the sap and you will get magic glue. Now use the magic glue with the machine and you will automatically fix it. Now you will need to unlock it.

  6. Unlocking the Machine

  7. To unlock the machine you will need to put in the equal number of the shape and color to match the one shown on the machine. When you look at the panel you will see that each color represents a number. And the shapes represents a number as well.

    • Red - 1
    • Orange - 2
    • Yellow - 3
    • Green - 4
    • Blue - 5
    • Indigo - 6
    • Violet - 7

    • Circle - 1
    • Triangle - 3
    • Square - 4
    • Pentagon - 5

    You will need to find the right combination of shape and color that will match the number on the machine. Each colored shape represents the total you get from multiplying the shape and the color's value together (i.e. Orange(2) Triangle(3) is 2x3=6 and Indigo(6) Pentagon(5) is 6x5=30). To get the piece to match the number you will need to continually combine and split pieces until you get the one you want. Note that you can get more discs from Brimstail. When you're done put the correct disc inside the machine to unlock the machine.

  8. When you have unlocked the machine you will need to operate it and to do so you will need to match the 3 numbers on the machine with colored shapes in the same matter as the previous step. But now you might have more shapes to put in. To get more discs you can talk to Brimstail.

  9. After you have managed to operate the machine which--as you've known from the beginning of the quest--gets rid of illusions, you will enter a cutscene in which you will see that those mysterious cute creatures all around the strongh old aren't what they appear to be and that they are spying on the stronghold's activities.

  10. You will need to talk to the king who will tell you to find and kill all of the Evil Creatures. Here are the locations of each creature. Note that one is in Brimstail's cave and two are located in the Grand Tree.

  11. Once you have done so, talk to the king and...

    Quest Complete!

The Crystal Saw

The king will give you a small crystal seed for your efforts in the quest. To charge the seed you will need to go to Brimstail's lair and cross the rift by the machine to the elven bowl in which you can sing to charge the seed into a crystal saw.

The crystal saw is a magical saw that will allow you to construct items (not rooms) +3 levels above your current Construction level (i.e. Gilded Altar is 75,With saw you can make it at 72). The Saw can also be used in conjunction with tea for an even bigger boost.

The saw is only good for 28 items and then it will turn back into a seed. You will need to sing to it again to recharge it. Also, if you ever lose the saw or seed Brimstail will somehow find it for you.