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   Devious Minds Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to the monk West of the Salve River.

Required Skills: 65 Smithing, 50 Fletching and 50 RuneCrafting

Required Quests: Wanted!, Troll Stronghold, and Doric's Quest

Required Items: Mithril Two Handed Sword (costs 2600 GP from the Taverly swords shop), a Large Pouch, one bowstring, food, and a teleport to Falador and a teleport to Varrock come in handy.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 5000 Fletching and Smithing experience, and 6500 RuneCrafting experience.

Devious Minds Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
1. To start the quest go all the way east of Varrock to the Saradomin Salve river temple, by the door will be a hooded monk. Talk to him and he will ask you for help to make a new weapon. Agree to help him and go to Falador.

2. Now get a mith 2 hander, you can either buy it from the Taverly swords shop for 2600gp or make it yourself. When you have gotten it go to Doric's house and use it with his whetstone. It will turn into a slender blade, so now use a bowstring with it to make a bowsword and return to the Saradomin temple.

3. When you arrive, give the bow-sword to the monk and he will ask you to give a present to the high priest of Entrana and he suggests the Abyss and Large pouches to conceal the suprise present.

4. Take the orb the monk gives you and put it in a large pouch, you will not get it back but you can always get another from the abyss. Now carry some food and take no weapons or armor because you will be going to Entrana. Go through the Abyss and exit from the law altar. From there head to the main building and put the orb filled pouch on the altar and you will soon enter a cutscene.

After your done with that, the high priest will tell you to return to the Saradomin temple immediately.

5. When you arrive at the Saradomin temple you will realize that the monk from the beginning of the quest. Search him and find the cause of death and return to the high priest on Entrana. Who will tell you to go to Sir Tiffy located in Falador park. Talk to Sir Tiffy and...