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   Cabin Fever Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Required Skills: 42 Agility, 45 Crafting, 50 Smithing, 40 Ranged

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 7000 Smithing experience, 7000 Crafting experience, and 7000 Agility experience plus the Little Book o' Piracy

Cabin Fever Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

1. Go to Port Phasmaty Bar and talk to Bill Teach walking around.

Agree to help him and he will tell you to meet him at his ship docked east on the harbour.

2. Talk to Bill Teach on the ship and you will enter a cutscene where he tells you about the situation which is your ship being under attack.

After the cutscene you will appear in the storage area of the ship.

Grab a tinderbox and from searching the boxes pick up some fuse and rope as well.

3. Climb to the main deck and up the net to the top deck of the ship, from there just rope the gap between the masts and get across to the other ship. on that ship go to their main deck and use a fuse with the barrel by the cannon, then light it. And after that, return to your ship via rope.

4. Now talk to Bill Teach and he will tell you to fix the ship by using planks, tacks and swamp paste. Go down the ladder and take 3 sets of planks, tacks and swamp paste and a hammer. Fix each hole and go back up to talk to Bill Teach.

5. Bill Teach will now tell you to loot their ship, so go to the enemy ship by the same method mentioned earlier(by rope) and go to their storage area and search the chests and boxes for 10 pieces of plunder in which some of them will take a while to respawn.

After you get them go back to Bill Teach.

6. Bill Teach will now tell you to destroy the other ship with the cannons, but first he wants you to fix it. So go downstairs, take a cannon barrel from one of the boxes and use the repair option on the cannon, now talk to Bill again.

7. Now Bill will teach you about firing cannons and he will tell you to try to shoot a cannon.
Take Fuse
Take Ramrod
Take Cannister
Take Cannon Barrel(if your cannon exploded).

First make sure your cannon is cleaned out by using a Ramrod with it. Next take some gunpowder from a nearby barrel and use it on the cannon, then ramrod again. Afterwards add the cannister and the fuse and let it fire. It take a while but you will eventually hit the ship. Whenever your done, just repeat the step and fix the cannon if neccessary. After your first hit, talk to Bill and he will tell you to do 3 more but with cannonballs this time. So you follow the same steps but replace cannisters with cannonballs.

After you have hit the ship 3 times after 1 succesfull try then you will witness a cutscene




After Quest

1. You can talk to Bill Teach on his ship and retrieve your 10k coins as share of the loot.

2. Book of Piracy is very important for you can't talk to most of the pirates in the town without that in your inventory. If lost, talk to Bill Teach for another.

3. The town has a bank and 2 new shops, one pirate clothes and one is a weapon seller(scimitar if you trade him, cutlasses if you talk to him). The pirate clothes seller should be in the town and the weapon seller is in the harbour.

4. If you noticed, North of the town is a huge and long gate guarded by pirates. What lies beyond it?