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   Giant Dwarf, The Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob, beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: The Keldagrim mines east of Rellekka and north of the mountain camp. Follow the dwarven statues to the underground river. Speak to the boatman near the entrance of the mines.

Required Skills: Level 12 Crafting, Level 16 Firemaking, Level 33 Magic, Level 14 Thieving

Required Items: 1 Iron Bar, 1 Coal, Pickaxe (any), Tinderbox, 3 Cut Sapphires, 1 Law Rune and 1 Air Rune (for

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 2500 Crafting experience, 2500 Mining experience, 2500 Smithing experience, 1500 Firemaking experience, 1500 Magic experience, 1500 Thieving experience

Giant Dwarf, The Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

  • To start the quest, speak with the Boatman and sail to Keldagrim. You will knock over the Giant Dwarf statue and will be arrested by the Black Guards. Speak with Commander Veldaban, and he will ask you to help rebuild the statue.

  • Find Blasidar the Sculptor in East Keldagrim, in the building just to the east of the really big building that borders the river. Speak with Blasidar and he will tell you he needs three things: some clothes, a pair of boots, and a battleaxe. These items need to be as similar as possible to the ones the original Giant Dwarf statue had.

  • The Clothes

    1. Head into that really big building mentioned earlier (it's right next to Blasidar's house; to the west) and talk to Vermundi. She agrees to make the clothes you need as long as you get her a book that she needs to do it.

    2. Go to West Keldagrim and find the Librarian (take the bridge across the river to the north and follow the path west; the Librarian is in the second house you will pass). Talk to the Librarian and he'll tell you that you can look around for the book. Search all of the bookcases here until you find the book, and bring it back to Vermundi.

    3. Talk to Vermundi again and she will take the book, but she'll need some help setting up her Spinning Machine. Put your log and coal in it, then use your tinderbox on it to light the logs. Talk to Vermundi again and give her 200 gp, and she'll make you the clothes. Take them back to Blasidar.

    The Boots

    1. Go to southwest Keldagrim and go inside the Shield store. Talk to Saro and ask him about the boots. He has sold the boots to Dromund, so you will need to get them from him if possible. Walk north to the building just north of the bank, and talk to Dromund.

    2. He refuses to part with the boots, so you will have to take them. Go outside and stand next to the window on the north wall so you can see inside, and Telegrab the Right Boot. To get the Left Boot, just wait until Dromund is on the other side of the room and can't see you, then take it off the table. You can take the Boots back to Blasidar now if you want, but it's not necessary.

    The Battleaxe

    1. Right next to Dromund's house is the Sword Shop and Santiri's house. Go inside and talk to Santiri about the axe. He will give you an old axe that needs fixing up. Use your 3 Cut Sapphires on the axe, and bring it, along with your iron bar and Redberry Pie, to Thurgo, the Dwarf from The Knight's Sword Quest. Thurgo can be found on the peninsula southsouthwest of Port Sarim. You can buy a ticket on the Mine Carts in southeast Keldagrim to the Dwarven Mines for a much quicker route to Thurgo, or of course you can teleport there. Give Thurgo your Redberry Pie and he will repair the axe.

    2. Go back to Keldagrim (you will be prompted and teleported back instantly if you agree to go once you have the repaired axe), and talk to Blasidar again and give him the axe (and the Boots if you haven't given them to him yet). The statue will be completed up to it's neck:

    The Head

    1. Now you will have to help make a decision on what the head will look like. Talk to Commander Veldaban again and he will tell you to join a company in The Consortium to help influence who's face will be on the Giant Dwarf statue. Go to that big center building/marketplace and go upstairs. Choose one of the companies (there are a few on each side of the river). The companies are:

      • The Blue Opals

      • The Green Gemstone

      • The Red Axe (Note: you cannot join The Red Axe)

      • The White Chisel

      • The Yellow Fortune (Note: only females can join)

      • The Silver Cog

      • The Purple Pewter

      • The Brown Engine (Note: only males can join)

    2. Speak to the Secretary of your chose n company and complete the tasks they assign you. You will have to collect a bunch or ores and/or bars. You can always just take a bunch of one ore (coal, clay, iron, etc.) and reject the tasks until they assign you to get the ore that you already have, or you can bring about 5 or 6 of a few ores and bars and do the same thing. After about 5 tasks, you should be able to make a request to talk with the Director. Once you do, you will have to prove yourself to him by doing a couple more tasks, then ask him about joining.

    3. Once you've joined, talk to the Director again and tell him that Blasidar sent you and that you'll support having his head on the Giant Dwarf statue. Talk to Commander Veldaban again and he will ask you to attend a meeting with the Consortium. Before you go, make sure to switch to High Detail mode for an excellent cutscene.

    4. The Consortium will ask you what face you think should be put on the statue, and you (obviously) will choose your own company's Director.

    5. After the meeting, the statue will be rebuilt, and your quest has been completed!