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   Hand in the Sand Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Galbatronix

Corrections/Additions: Xtotre for the whiteberries information

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Bert's home in Yanille; just West of the Yanille restaurant.

Required Skills: 49 Crafting, 17 Thieving.

Required Quests: None.

Required Items: 1,000 GP and a regular beer, an empty vial, a bullseye lantern lens, redberries (found south of Varrock), whiteberries (Only respawn is Red Dragon Isle, 38-ish wilderness), five Earth Runes and a bucket of sand.

Reward: 1000 Crafting experience, 9000 Thieving experience, and 84 buckets of sand delivered to your bank daily (see bottom of guide for more.)

Hand in the Sand Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

Bert the Sandman in Yanille is in a spot of bother. A mysterious severed hand has appeared in his sand box. Help find out whose hand it is and, more to the point, how it got in Bert's sand box. --

1. To start Hand in the Sand, speak to a man named Bert in a small, out-of-the-way home in Yanille, South of Ardougne. He'll tell you he found a severed hand in the sand, hence the Quest's namesake.

2. Ask him why he didn't tell the authorities. He'll tell you he couldn't; their captin is a drunk that spends his life with a beer in his hand a little south in the Yanille bar, the Dragon's Den. So, you'll comment on it, and he'll ask you for some help. Naturally, being the comedian that you are, you'll say Sure, I'll give you a hand. Then Bert goes and kills the joke and tells you you can have the hand as evidence. Sheesh. So, he gives you the hand, and with a sarcastic remark, sends you on your way.

3. Now, you must head South of Bert's house to the Dragon Inn and show the severed hand to the Guard Captain. He's quite drunk, and asks you if you'd spare him some more beer... Well, he grunts that he needs more anyways, which is your cue. Buy a beer, or if you have one, talk to him again. A few sarcastic remarks later and the Captain blames the wizards - "i's always da wizer's fault" - and tells you that you should go to the Wizard's Tower a bit East from the Inn and ring the bell outside the door.

Reporting the severed hand to the Guard Captain.

4. A wizard named Zavistic Rarve will come out and impatiently greet you. Returning his greeting in the same manner, you wave the hand at him and ask sarcastically if he has all his wizards present. You hand the hand to the wizard and find out it was once a part of Clarence, his most able student. He'll hand it back to you and charge you with the task of finding out who -- or what -- did this. He'll give you a suggestion as a starter to talk to Bert as to why he's been working long hours lately... Who wants to dig things up all hours of the day, after all?

You wave the hand at the wizard out of frustration!

5. Go back and talk to Bert. He works for Sandy's Sandy Sand Corp. based in Brimhaven on Karamja isle. He transports sand from there to the sand pit outside his house. He'll give you his rota, or timetable, and tell you you can even get it confirmed by Sandy in Sandy's Sand Corporation headquarters. Next stop, Brimhaven! (Teleport/walk to Ardougne and take the boat to Brimhaven for 30 GP, bringing along another 30 GP for a ride back, or a charged Glory tele to Karamja, with 30 GP to get back or a Watchtower teleport.)

6. Sandy's Sand Corp. is located just South of the Brimhaven restauraunt, or can be found as seen on the map below: (Not actually on the world map, I drew it on here.)

Map of Brimhaven, with Sandys office added on.

He seems very anxious to be rid of you, or at least to have you out of his office. Search his desk. You'll find Berts REAL work timetable, and it appears he is getting to work three hours earlier than he is supposed to as of a week ago. Before leaving, pickpocket Sandy for some sand. You'll need a bucket in your inventory to do so. Now, with both Rotas in hand, head back to Bert for some interrigation.

7. Bert plays dumb and pretends he knows nothing of the change. He blames the change, and it having gone unnoticed, on the magic that is supposedly leaking from the Wizards' Guild. He also says that this magic made a scroll appear. In exchange for the rotas, he gives you the scroll to examine. Not just any scroll, either, but a magic scroll. Now, off to ring the bell and check what the Wizards have to say on this.

8. Zavistic Rarve says the scroll that appeared when the rotas changed is part of a mind-altering spell. Zavistic takes the scroll and gives you a Scrying Orb, along with instructions to see Betty in Port Sarim about a truth serum as a favour she owes to Zavistic. Things are looking awfully suspicious with this Sandy guy... But first, off to Port Sarim to collect the truth serum.

9. Betty is located in the rune shop in Port Sarim -- in the building with the fire symbol above it. She tells you she needs a vial. If you have one on you (it must be empty) she will take it and replace it with a bottle of water. Add a redberry and a whiteberry into this bottle, and use it on your lens. Now, talk to Betty. She'll place a vial on her counter. Stand in the doorway and use the Rose Lens on the counter. It will shatter, and she'll give you the completed truth serum. Now talk to her once more to find out how to properly use the truth serum. She'll tell you she needs something personal from the person you're using it on -- this is where the sand you stole from Sandy earlier comes in. Talk to her with the sand in your inventory and she'll add it into the serum, which is now complete.

10. Go to Sandy's home and talk to him. Select one of the three options until he says "Wow, I must see this!" and turns to look out his window. I used "The shrews have eaten all the sand!" and worked for me on the first try. When he's turned around and is not looking, use the serum on his coffee mug. Activate the scrying orb. Now, we figure out what this is all about! Talk to Sandy. Ask him each of the questions shown below:

Options to select when interrogating Sandy after using the truth serum on his coffee.

Once you've asked them all, the Scrying Orb will be full. Take it back to Yanille, to the wizard Zavistic.

11. Zavistic is not impressed by what he sees in the playback. He asks you to bring him a bucket of sand and five earth runes. Bring him them, and watch the magic.

With his employer in a spot of trouble, the wizard Zavistic Rarve gives Bert all the gold and sa
nd he will ever need!

Zavistic asks you as your final task to check the Entrana Sandpit for the remaining peices of Clarence as he has sent out some other wizards to check other pits. Go there, find poor Clarences head, and return to Zavistic to finish the quest and get your rewards.

The reward from Hand in the Sand. -------

About reward: Bert will deliver 84 buckets of sand from his infinite sand pile every day that you talk to him. He will only do so on the days you talk to him, and only once a day (24 hours). This is great if you're just alching for experience, or a crafter making glass items.