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   Ratcatchers Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Gertrude's House West of Varrock; Have a kitten or cat with you.

Required Skills: Any skills required for Gertrude's Cat and Icthlarin's Little Helper

Required Quests: Gertrude's Cat, Icthlarin's Little Helper

Required Items: Pet Kitten/Cat, Amulet of Catspeak, Rat Poison (from under clocktower) otherwise Red Spider Eggs, Kwuarm, an empty Vial, Marrentill, Ground Unicorn Horn, Bucket of Milk, Lots of food for your cat, Ring of Charos (u) (Optional, but useful for transportation), Pot, Weeds (from farming), Tinderbox

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 4,500 Thieving Experience, Access to Rat pits, Unlocked Wiley and Lazy cats.

Ratcatchers Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Gertrude in her house West of Varrock and she will immediately tell you to meet two expert ratcatchers who would be in the Varrock Sewers.

  2. In the first area of Varrock Sewers you will meet up with Phingspet and Grimesquit, who are from your view, out of their minds.

    Phingspet; An expert ratcatcher from Runescape's Ratcatchers Quest.

    Grimesquit; The second expert ratcatcher from Runescape's Ratcatchers Quest.

    They will agree to teach you their ways if you use your cat and catch 8 mice (Right click on cat, interact with cat option, then catch vermin). It is suggested you have a cat though because it will have less chances at missing (Kittens have about a 75% miss, Cats and Overgrown have about 50%).

  3. When you're done with your rat catching, the two sisters will give you a rat pole where you put the dead rats you catch in. They will tell you to seek Jimmy Dazzler located in the Flying Horse Inn in Ardougne.

  4. When you arrive at Jimmy Dazzler's he will ask you to dispose rats on a friend's manor on the outskirts of Ardougne using your cat. He will first hand you a map and lastly before you go, cast a spell on you which when spotted will teleport you a short distance away from the area.

  5. Click on the map and you have an option of following it or not, follow it and you will arrive in the manor grounds. Remember to have your cat around at all times. If you get spotted the spell will activate and you will return to a designated respawn spot. Keep run on at all times and always run when your sure that you won't be in any guard's point of view.

    Heres how you go through the Manor..

    A. From the main gate run east to the hedges when the guard northeast dosen't look at you, from the hedges watch out for the guards and run northwest to hide behind the tree away from the sight of the guard behind the manor. If you get spotted at this part you will be sent back to the main gate.

    B. Heres the tricky part, wait until the 2 guards nearby look into the hedges on the other side of the tree and run either northwest directly behind the hedges or climb the Trellis upstairs. After you made it to this part your respawn will now be the hedge right behind the trellis into the manor.

    C. Now climb up the trellis and you will be in the back balcony of the manor, its always recomended to use the look up trellis option before you climb.When you get up there hide behind the walls on the sides of the balcony until the coast is clear which you then run to the room southeast.

    D. While your in the room wait until both guards look the other direction then make a run to this room. Take care of the 2 rats in there and wait for the guards to move the other direction then you run across the hall to the northwestern room and take care of the 2 rats there while staying out of the door's entrance which the guard can catch you. After you are done with the rats in the room described you can either get caught or make way to the kitchen. Take care of the last 2 rats there.

    E. After you get all 6 rats in the house its escape time, use your skills and avoid all guards and climb down the Trellis, you should be back in Ardougne. Otherwise, more hunting for you.

  6. Talk to Jimmy Dazzler now and you can enter the Ardougne Rat pits, but theres more to go. He wants you to talk to Hooknose Jack who is located in Varrock. Now go to Varrock and east of Aubury's Rune Shop, go through the gate and talk to Hooknose Jack. He will tell you to take care of some annoying rats in a warehouse somewhere. He will ask you to get rat poison and 4 pieces of cheese. If you don't have or can't find any rat poison, bring the ingredients.

  7. Now use your rat poison on all 4 pieces of cheese (try not to eat) and go to the warehouse south of Hooknose Jack. Climb up the ladder and use the poisoned cheese pieces with each rat hole then talk to Jack again.

  8. You will find out that Jack's cat Pox ate some of the poison and needs help immediately. So you must visit the apothecary located on the other side of town. Ask the apothecary about the rat poison you got and how to get a cure. The apothecary will tell you to get 1 marrentil, 1 bucket of milk and 1 crushed unicorn horn. You should have those already, if not you can go get them. The apothecary will give you an anti-poison.

  9. Go back to Jack and give him the anti-poison, Pox will be cured but there is something you forgot, which is to exterminate a giant rat in the warehouse. At this point pack a lot of cat food and go upstairs, use your cat with the hole in the wall and prepare for a fight. Put food in the hole to recover your cat is neccessary. Your cat will die if you fail to heal. A tip would be to heal everytime your cat is either 25% or 50% hp.

    The cat fighting the giant rat in Runescape's Ratcatchers Quest.

  10. After your long fight with the king rat, Jack will tell you to talk to Smokin' Joe who's in Keldagrim. If you have done the fight, take the minecart there, otherwise go east of Relleka and through the caves then to the city on the boat. Smokin' Joe will tell you to 'smoke out' the rats in a nearby rat-hole. You will need farming weeds, a pot and a tinderbox for this part.

  11. Try to smoke the two rat holes and you will find out it didn't work, so your cat speaks and tells you to place him on the other side while you smoke out one rat hole. You will enter a cutscene showing what happens and you will have exterminated all the rats. Now talk to Smokin' Joe who will tell you where the Keldagrim rat pits are and tells you to talk to the face in Port Sarim.

  12. Go to Port Sarim and talk to the face who will prompt you to talk to Felkrash underground. Talk to Felkrash in the Port Sarim Rat Pits and she wants you to rid all the rats in the port with one sweep. You don't know how to do it so finally you ask the face again and you will find out that the Pollineveach Snake Charmer plays a role.

    The Face from Port Sarim in Runescape's Ratcatchers Quest.

  13. Make sure you have lots of coins and maybe a ring of charos(u) if possible. Now go take the magic carpet to Pollineaveach(or walk) and find the snake charmer behind the bar. He won't talk to you unless you drop in some money into his money pot, so do so and he will start talking, ask him about exterminating rats and he will tell you that he won't do it again because the last person he taught used his music to kill and you will arrive at a group of options to choose from. All may look tempting but the best choice is by paying him. At this point you can use your ring of charos(u) skills or you can beat his offers by refusing, then walking away and stopping which sums up the total to 100gp. He will give you some notes to play.

  14. Now with a snake charming flute (if you don't have, talk to snake charmer) an d the notes, go to Port Sarim and select the correct notes on each page of the flute to match the one on the notes. For the note with a mark, use the 'raise octave' option when you get to it. After you have selected all the correct notes, play your tune and watch as all the rats drown.

    The rats drowning from you playing the Snake Charming Flute in Runescape's Ratcatchers Quest.

  15. Now talk to Felkrash and...

    Quest Done!

    Runescape's Ratcatchers Quest Complete screen showing the rewards for completing the Quest.