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   Sheep Herder Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: hubie7

Corrections/Additions: Supercoolyo, snakeboi70

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Councilor Halgrive in East Ardougne near the General Store.

Required Items: 100 GP

Reward: 3100 GP and 4 Quest Points

Sheep Herder Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
He will tell you that he is worried about the plague and that four sheep have escaped and have been effected with the plague your job is to kill them and put their remains in an incinerator. Halgrive will give you some poison and instruct you to talk to Doctor Orbon in the chapel just north of him to buy protective clothing. Next you will need to get a prod. To get the prod you need to go to the fenced area north of the city were Farmer Brumpty is. Equip your suit and get ready to prod some sheep.

Sheep 1:

Sheep one is located south of Farmer Brumpty’s barn. After you find the sheep, prod it into the fenced area were you found the prod (Prodding the sheep can be hard at first but you will get the hang of it). You have to be on the opposite side of where you want the sheep to go. If you wanted it to go East, be on the West side of the sheep, and so on. Once you have prodded the sheep into the enclosed area you will need to use the poisoned sheep feed on the sheep, pick up his bones and use them with the furnace in the barn to burn them.

Location of Sheep 1 in Runescape's Sheep Herder Quest

Sheep 2:

The second sheep are located pretty much east of the enclosed area, check the map if your not sure. You will need to do the same thing with the second sheep as you did with the first.

Location of Sheep 2 in Runescape's Sheep Herder Quest

Sheep 3:

The third sheep is located north-west of the barn, check the map if you cant find it. Do the same to it as you did with the other ones.

Location of Sheep 3 in Runescape's Sheep Herder Quest

Sheep 4:

The fourth sheep are located at the entrance to the fishing guild. Do the same thing to it as you did the other three.

Location of Sheep 4 in Runescape's Sheep Herder Quest

After disposing of all four of the sheep remains, go back and talk to Councilor Halgrive to get your reward.

Quest Complete!