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   Money-Making Runescape Guide
Written By: G'ed

Guide Type: Free

Money-Making Runescape Guide:
  1. Introduction
  2. Woodcutting
  3. Mining
  4. Smithing
  5. Fishing
  6. Prayer
  7. Runecrafting
  8. :Fletching:
  9. :Herblore:
  10. Merchanting
*Note - :Skill: Means a member skill*

1. Introduction Back to top
Hello, and thank you first for taking time into reading my guide. This guide is going to show you ways on how to make money with most skills in the game, and the pros and cons on all skills. All I can say that this is a long guide, and if you feel you enjoy one skill over another, Just read the contents and you will get the information on the certain skill.

2. Woodcutting Back to top
Woodcutting is probably one of the easiest skills to make money, granted you have a pretty good level. The requirements for woodcutting is that you have a hatchet axe to cut the tree. Battleaxes or Pickaxes do not work, so dont even try.

Woodcutting is a good skill to level. I recommend that you have at least 20k cash and 40 attack before starting this skill. This is for 20k cash to buy a rune hatchet, and 40 attack to weild this axe. You can use any hatchet at any woodcutting level, and this can become an advantage for fast early leveling.

Once you have these, take your rune hatchet, with some armour, and weild it. I suggest taking armour so you do not get hurt if a random event attacks you.

Go to Draynor Manor, and cut Normal Logs until level 20 woodcutting. Drop all logs, unless you wish to burn them. Next, cut oaks at rimmington until level 40 woodcutting. Drop all logs, unless you wish to burn them. Now, cut willows until leve l 55 woodcutting if you are a member, or level 70 if you are a non member. Many members will buy willows, since it is a cheap source for good fletching experience. Sell these for about 30gp per. If you are a member, I suggest you now cut maple logs until level 75 woodcutting. These sell for 100gp per, and will get you a few million gp if you continue to cut these until 75 woodcutting. If you are a non-member, then continue cutting yews for cash, and sell these for about 250-350gp per.

Now, for members, once you hit 75 woodcutting, you can become filthy rich, very fast. Cut magic logs until level 99 woodcutting. The exp will be slow since the tremendous amount of time to cut these logs, but if you are patient, you will soon see the money rolling in. Sell these logs for 1k (1,000gp) each.

  1. Good Money
  2. Easy to level
  1. Can get costly if you keep losing your axe heads or breaking your axe
  2. Can get very boring

3. Mining Back to top
Mining is the highest used money making skill in all of RuneScape. Ores are in high demand by smithers to create armour for personal use or for sale, so selling these to smithers or merchants will get you alot of cash. The requirements for this skill is a pickaxe. I suggest as soon as you are able to use a better pickaxe, get that pickaxe, because it will make life alot easier. The levels for pickaxes are as follows:

Bronze - 1
Iron - 5
Steel - 11
Mithril - 21
Adamant - 31
Rune - 41

Now, to make profit out of mining, I suggest you start out cutting tin and copper until level 15 mining. These ores are of no use or profit, so drop them. Once you hit 15 mining, keep mining iron until level 60 mining. Sell these iron ore for 60-100gp per. Put it this way, you have to mine about 15k iron ore to get from level 15-60 mining, so imagine all the cash on iron. Now, once you hit 60 mining, the mining guild is the place for you. I suggest now that you keep on mining coal, and banking it in the Falador Bank next to the guild. Always sell coal in amounts of 1k or more for 200gp per. Alot of people will buy in bulk for that price, so you will get good offers when selling larger amounts.

  1. Excellent Source of Money
  2. Can be exciting when you roll in the cash
  1. Can get costly if you keep losing your pickaxe heads or breaking your pickaxe
  2. Can get very boring
  3. Alot of people can be mining in one area, and can be very frustrating getting ores

4. Smithing Back to top
Smithing is one of the least easy ways to make money, unless you have 55 magic, and have a good supply of nature runes and steel bars. All that is required is alot of starting money (about 200k), and a hammer (can be bought for 1gp at any general store).

I suggest you start buying bronze bars, and make the best available bronze equipment you can. Keep making bronze armour until you are level either level 35 (members), or level 48 (non-members). If you want to make 100% profit, I suggest that you make your own steel bars by mining 2 coal and 1 iron ore, and smelting them together in a furnace.

Members - Level 35 smithing:
I suggest that members, once they hit level 35 smithing, create cannonballs. All that is required for making cannonballs, is an ammo mould (can be bought from the dwarf cannon salesman near ice mountain, the entrance to the dwarf mines), and alot of steel bars. Make sure your ammo mould is in your inventory, and fill up your inventory with steel bars. Now, head to a nearby furnace, and use your steelbars in the furnace, and you will create cannonballs. One steel bar creates 4 cannonballs, which can be sold for about 200gp per, but making cannonballs is painfully slow.

Non-Members - Level 48 smithing:
Now, Before reading this, I dont suggest non-members for doing this, but, if you wish to make small profit, then its your choice. Creating steel platebodies and high alching them (level 55 magic required) can get you 1k gp per plate, but about 400gp of that profit is taken away for the nature rune, unless you are a member and can make nature runes, or you get them supplied free.

What to do, is mine your ores, 2 coal and 1 iron ore will make 1 steel bar. 5 steel bars are required for making 1 steel platebody. All you have to do is take your steel bars and a hammer to an anvil, and smith alot of steel platebodies. Then, I suggest you do this for high alching them. Withdraw all your steel platebodies in notes, all your nature runes, and a fire staff. High alch all of the steel plates to find a nice cash reward sitting in your inventory.

  1. Good Money for members
  2. Easy to level if you have the patience
  1. Will get very boring due to the amount of time making the items
  2. If making cannonballs, not everybody will buy them (like, sometimes hard to find a buyer)

5. Fishing Back to top
Fishing is one of the best skills used to make money. Fishing nearly any fish will sell, except for the lower level fish, such as shrimp, sardines, herring, anchovies, trout and salmon. I suggest that to level is, is to fish shrimp until level 15, then get a normal fishing rod and some fishing bait. Fish sardine/herring until level 30 fishing. Now, I suggest to get ALOT of feathers, about 10k of them, and a fly fishing rod. Now, go to lumbridge, and fish for trout/salmon. You will use up the feathers very quickly, since it is very fast leveling, and you will get levels in no time.

After you have done this, now you can start to make some money. Non-Members now go to Karamja, and Members go to Catherby. Buy a Lobster Pot, and keep fishing for lobsters until level 65 fishing. Sell all lobsters you catch for 100gp per. Now, with 65 fishing, buy a harpoon, and fish for swordfish (sell for 200gp per) until level 76 fishing, then keep harpooning for shark.(sell for 1k per) (Note, when harpooning for shark, you may still get some swordfish and alot of tune).

That is all I can really tell you, since there is not much more to be explained.

  1. Good Money
  2. Easy to level
  1. Can be annoying when not catching your target fish
  2. Can get boring

6. Prayer Back to top
Prayer is probably not the most profitable skill, but it can get alot of money, when selling high amounts of bones. Literally, there isnt much to explain, but the better the bone, the more it will sell for. Bones are gained from killing certain monsters in game. I am now going to list the main monsters which will drop certain profitable bones, and the price they sell for:

Normal Bones - Nearly all of the smaller animals in runescape besides imps and demons - 5gp per.
Big Bones - All Giants will drop these, but imps and demons do not - 300gp per.
Baby Dragon Bones - All baby dragons and baby dragons only will drop these bones - 500gp per.
Dragon Bones - All large dragons (Green, Blue, KBD etc) will drop these bones - 3k (3,000gp) per.

Random event zombies will occur when dropping bones. Their level will vary depending on your level. When defeated, there is a large chance that these zombies will drop large amounts of bones (I once got 15 dragon bones and 35 big bones out of one).

  1. Good Money
  1. Higher leveled bones are harder to obtain since the monster required to kill is stronger

7. Runecrafting Back to top
Runecrafting is one of the least profitable skills to level. This skill is only good for profit if you are a member, so I am only going to give ways for members, since this skill is literally useless for non-members. To start runecrafting, you must have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest.

Once you know how to mine rune essence, either you can bore the hell out of yourself and mine about 10k rune essence, or just buy it for about 300k, (they sell for roughly 30gp each - good money if you have patience).

Now, once you have these essence, go to the falador bank next to the mining guild, and with an air talisman and full inventories of rune essence, head south to the air rune altar, and keep crafting air runes until level 44 runecrafting. This will take alot of time, but is the shortest travelling distance than all other altars, and in the long run, exp will be about the same.

Once you have completely bored yourself getting to 44 runecrafting, you can make some cash. Make sure you have completed the Shilo Village Quest, and have alot of rune essence in bank, aswell as a nature talisman (can be dropped by some monsters, or bought of other players). Now, take trips to and from the shilo village bank to the nature altar, and craft nature runes. Sell these for 400gp per, or use them for alching items for money.

  1. Good Money at higher levels and if you have patience
  1. Not good for non-members
  2. The most boring skill to level

8. Fletching Back to top
Before you start to level this skill, please note that this is a members only skill and can only be used on a members only server.

Fletching is a very profitable skill. Fletching is basically crafting wood in cunjunction with other items to create equipment such as bows, arrows and darts.

There isnt much explanation I can really give, but, making arrows is probably some of the best money sources in the game.

Option (a)
Start off by cutting normal logs, and fletch them into arrow shafts. Make about 20k arrow shafts. If you arent already level 30 fletching, then just level by fletching bows and dropping them unstrung. Now, that you have your 20k arrow shafts and level 30 fletching, go to chickens and kill chickens until you get 20k feathers. Now, seeing if you have the required smithing level to smith steel arrowheads, mine all the required coal and iron to create enough steel bars to make 20k steel arrowheads. Now, attach all the feathers to the arrow shafts, and all the arrowheads to the headless arrows, and you have 20k steel arrows, which can be sold for about 40gp per.

Option (b)
Now, this will take alot of work, but the money is worth it. Start off by making arrow shafts until level 5 fletching, then start making normal bows. Do not string these unstrung bows, just drop them, since it is no use. Keep fletching the best bows you can make, or else keep completing option (a) to get your fletching level to 70.

Now that you have 70 fletching, I suggest you now cut yew logs, and fletch these into unstrung yew bows. Keep these bows. Go to the flax fields a little south of Seers Village, and collect flax, and spin these at a spinning wheel to create bowstrings (requires 10 crafting). Now, attach these strings to the bows, and you have a yew longbow. High-alch this for money. Keep doing the same technique when you can fletch magic shortbows and magic longbows.

  1. Good Money at high and low levels and if you have patience
  1. Non-Members cannot use this skill
  2. Collecting feathers or bowstrings/logs can be boring

9. Herblore Back to top
Before you start to level this skill, please note that this is a members only skill and can only be used on a members only server, and you must have completed the Druidic Ritual Quest.

Now, this skill is boring, but probably the second most profitable behind mining. This skill write up is very short, but it is all you need to know for this skill.

Once you complete the Druidic Ritual quest, keep killing al-kharid warriors in the al-kharid palace. These have a high herb drop rate. All you need to do is pick up these herbs, identify them, then drop them. You will get exp slowly, unless you wish to make these herbs into potions, which will get you exp faster. Anyway, do either of these 2 techniques until you get to level 38 herblore. Now, collect about 100 water filled vials, 100 snape grass, and 100 ranarr weed (can take some time getting all the ranarr weed, but you are better off taking your time getting the weed to get fabulous profit.) Once you have all these supplies, create 100 prayer potions, and sell these for 3k-5k per. That was the easiest 300k-500k you have probably made in your entire runescape life.

  1. Excellent Money
  2. Easy to sell
  1. Can take some time to level
  2. Can be hard to get some supplies
  3. Can get boring to level

10. Merchanting Back to top
There already is a guide for this on Rune Masters!, so this link will take you directly to the guide.

  1. Excellent Money
  1. Sometimes hard to find buyers
  2. Results can take time
  3. You can sometimes lose alot of money rather than gaining at times

Well, thank you for reading this guide. It has been great to submit a guide of this detailt to a wonderful fansite.

*This guide is not to be copied without the permission of -=G'ed=- and Rune Masters!*