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   Merchanting Runescape Guide
Written By: Viralmonkey9

Guide Type: Free

Merchanting Runescape Guide:
Getting Started
First of all you will need money (around 500k) and patience (around a cart load).
For fairly obvious reasons - people usually sell their items in the bank, so to hunt for deals,
go to a world not too full that you cannot read speech, and not too empty that there is nobody there.
Seers Village bank is almost always empty of low level players who cannot afford rare items.
Ardougne never has the 'right' people I find, Varrock is full of new members as is Falador to some extent.

You sould be looking out for things like Prayer book pages, Black T/G armour and Berets.
None of these are worth more than 300k, so it is fairly easy to get.

Here is an example of how I started:
I bought Full Black (t) for 145k, and sold for full rune (minus helm) and a dragon long.

I sold the rune armour for 190k and the dragon long for a series of item which I cannot fully
remember, although I believe it included Dragon Dagger (p) a large amount of money and Full Black range armour.

From this you can see I made no immediate profit, but when you trade items, you are gambling on their prices,
I mangaged to make 55k profit and various items.

Now you should start looking for more elusive items, berets are a good commodity, as many players see them as stylish.
Buy your beret for items or a small amount of money, otherwise you will find it hard to profit.
Sell it for an extravagant amount of money, or more easily, other items.
For my black beret, (which I payed four Wilderness Team Capes for) I got Adamant Platelegs (t), a Torn Page (S) 4 and 30k. I sold the Guthix page for an Adamant full helm (t).

You will find that many people will sell their stuff for 2/3 of the price they initially wanted if they have been advertising for ages.
use this to your advantage, and buy berets for 80-90k, pages for 80-90k and sell them on.

Here is another example, this time using pages:
I bought A Zamarok page for a rune battle axe, and sold the page for 90k.
A very simple thing to do, as weapons such as this are relatively cheap.

Moving up the ladder
I cannot explain this any more simply than, buy more expensive items and make more profit,
here are a series of examples from my experience:

I bought wizard boots for 30k and sold them for:

Rune Full Helm (later sold for 40k)
White Mystic boots
3 Shade tops
Addy plate
Various runes (not many)
3 Addy Full helms
Addy Warhammer

Bought Rune Plate legs and helm for 135k, sold for 190k

Sold about 70-80 team capes and made around 200k on their first day.

Bought black armoured boots for 60k, sold for 2 dragon daggers, sold 1 dagger for white beret. Sold 2nd dagger for 45k
Sold white beret for 90k

I hope this helps you to make a tidy sum of money.