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   Castle Wars Runescape Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

Guide Type: Members only

Castle Wars Runescape Guide:
If you have never played Castle Wars yet, chances are that you'll know little if anything about the game. This guide here is to inform the players of Runescape on how to play one of the most fun minigames in Runescape called Castle Wars.

To answer a few questions I would guess some people could have, the first section will include some questions for before beginning.

So, what is Castle Wars?

Castle Wars is a Runescape Version of capture the flag. Each team starts in their own castle with the goal of invading the enemy castle to capture their flag and bring it back to where their flag is. Sounds easy, right? Well, too bad... Jagex will never let you off so easily! There's plenty of other parts to the game which make it so fun, challenging and addicting, all of which will be discussed in this guide.

So, since Castle Wars isn't so easy, how do I get started?

To get started in Castle Wars, you'll have to be a Paid Member of Runescape and be able to get to the arena, just South-West of the Observatory. To start out in Castle Wars, you'll need to have gear for the plan of combat you choose to use (Maging, Ranging, or Melee). Make sure you don't wear a helmet or cape, hooded cloaks with your team colors are assigned to you while playing. You won't need to have any food to heal, because bandages/health packs are included in the game.

What happens if I die? Do I lose my belongings?

No, if you "die", you're simply sent back to your starting room with everything you were carrying and no losses whatsoever.

How big can the teams be?

In Castle Wars, the teams can be as big as you want them to be (as far as I know), as long as the number of players on each team is equal.

What can you win?

If you win the game of Castle Wars, you get 2 tickets for winning which can be traded for decorative armor or cloaks and hoods. If you tie in the game, you get 1 ticket, and if you lose, you get none.

Getting Started

As you start out in Castle Wars, you should see a room looking similar to this:

As you enter the starting room of Castle Wars, there's a Bank Chest, the Ticket Exchange Dude, and the three portals of the Runescape Gods. In Castle Wars, the game is played as the Zamorak Team Vs. the Saradomin Team, which are decided by who goes in what portals. The Guthix portal will put you into a random team for those of you who don't care which team you're on. To the right is a door which lets you climb up on a wall to observe the game going on, you can't be attacked from there.

When you trade the "Ticket Exchange Dude" as said earlier, here are the things he has to offer along with prices:

When going into a portal, you'll need to make sure you have everything with you that you'll need for fighting, with the exception of a helmet, cape, and food. In Castle Wars, you're given a hooded cloak which show your team colors for easy recognition of team players. Food is substituted for Bandages which are in the game for free.

After passing through a portal, you should be in a little circular dungeon with an exit portal, this dungeon place is where you wait for the next game to start. When it says "Time until next game starts: __", that is how many minutes until the next game. Each game is 20 minutes long with 5 minutes between games, and if you come in when there's like 24 minutes left, you may not have to worry, if someone chooses to leave the game, the players on the same team as the quitter will get the option to join (but click Yes Please when it asks you to join quickly, because the other play ers waiting might beat you to the spot and join first) in the middle of the game.

The Basics

Each game lasts 20 minutes, the object is to have your team capture the opponent's flag as many times as they can within the amount of time.

At the top of the screen will show the scoring on the game, showing how many points each team has.

Dying in the game will not keep your character out the game or make you lose anything you're carrying, you'll simply be sent back to your starting room.

If you have to go and there's some of the game left, you can exit the game from the portal in your start room.

If you see people on the East wall of the game, on the Saradomin side, you cannot attack them or use climbing ropes on it, the people there are not a part of the game, simply observers who climbed up from the main starting building with the portals.

On the top-left, it has two icons. These icons will show the status no of everybody's flags. Saradomin's Blue, and Zamorak's Red, if it says Safe, it's safe in the flag area of your castle, if it says Taken, somebody has the flag and is running with it. If it says Dropped, the person who had the flag before was killed and the flag is sitting somewhere in the game.

On the bottom-left, it has 5 icons. These icons show how secure your castle is:

The top icon will say Health: ___%, which shows how long your front door can hold up to attackers coming in, when it reaches 0%, it will be broken and require repairing (discussed later).

Front Door:

Underneath that is the icon that says if your Back Entrance door is locked or unlocked, being good if it's locked (so that the opposing team will have to pick the lock to get in).

Back Entrance:

Underneath those two icons are two more, which describe the underground passages. If it says Collapsed, then that means that parts of the wall were collapsed, creating rocks that enemies will have to use a pickaxe to bypass if they want to attack your castle from below. If it shows "Cleared" in red lettering, and you want to block the intruders from below, bring a pickaxe and click where you get the option to collapse the wall, this will bring rocks down to block people.

Underground Rocks:

Underneath that is the icon saying if your Catapult is operational, which is mostly self explanatory. Enemies can come up and set it on fire (which destroys it within 3-5 seconds) or blow it up with an explosive potion. When it's not operational it'll require a toolbox to repair.

The Castle

When a game starts, you'll start in a room that looks just like this (or maybe a little darker if you're on the Zamorak team)

After starting, I recommend going through the protection barriers (which keep enemies on opposing team out) and going down the ladder right away to the supply room:

Image Key

Dark Blue Box: Rock Table, you can get rocks used for the Catapult (explained later).
Bright Red Box: Bandages Table, you can get bandages for healing during/between combat.
Orange Box: Climbing Rope Table, you can get climbing ropes for attaching to battlements to climb up walls easy.

Yellow Box: Exploding Potion Table, you can get Exploding Potions for blowing up the enemy catapults or any barricades in the game/

Light Blue Box: Bronze Pickaxe Table, you can get bronze pickaxes used for destroying blocking rocks underground to attack enemy castles from below.

Turquoise Box: Toolbox Table, you can get toolboxes to fix broken doors or catapults, each toolbox can repair 5 times.

Dark Red Box: Barricade Table, you can set up up to 10 barricades at a time to block enemies (or your own team if you're a traitor) temporarily until they can destroy them.

Black Circle: Tinderbox Spawn, can be used to set catapults or barricades on fire.

White Box: Bucket Spawn, can be filled with water to put out barricades or catapults on fire.

Green Arrow: Tap, it's a faucet to fill buckets with water.

Yellow Arrow: Ladder to underground passage, bring a pickaxe to break blocking rocks to invade the enemy castle from below.

Going up to the Flag/Standard will need you to go up the stairs shown in the picture outside of the starting room:

After going up, you'll see something like this:

Going up the stairs with the blue box around them will take you up to the flag base, shown here:

You will also have to come up here when bringing the enemy flag, and click the flag stand to score.

On the outside parts of the castle, there's a wall with a catapult:

To use the catapult, you need a rock for each shot you take, and to understand how to work it:

You basically use the arrows by the numbers to give it general coordinates, and then fire it. You try to make the catapult go where enemies are, but allow a couple seconds for the stone to get to the coordinates.

While Outside:

While outside, there are a few ways to get around, you could either go through the middle place:

or by hopping on the stones on the edges of the river:

In the middle little island part in the center of the river, there's two parts you can go ahead to range or mage passing enemies, the stairs aren't a thing you climb by clicking, you simply walk up them.

While in the middle section,

While you're outside, if you want to enter back into your castle or into your opponent's castle, there are two entrances:

Front Door:

This front door can easily be opened by somebody on the team who owns the castle (in this case, Zamora k, I was on Zammy team when taking this picture), or it can be opened by an enemy who attacks it to break it (it then needs to be repaired by a toolbox).

Back Door:

The back entrance needs to be picked open (by either team) and will obviously be faster if you have a high thieving level.

Winning Strategies:

To win in the game, everybody needs to play their part, and although some parts are more important than others, if any are missing it can jeopardize the entire team.

Flag Rusher: Generally a few high level people will run to the opposing castle before the other people are ready (just as they're getting supplies), to hurry to the flag and capture it before people are ready to defend.

Wall Protector: Usually a few mid-level people will get ranged/maging gear, halberd, or catapult rocks (or a combination of a few) to injure the people before they get in the castle.

Flag Protector: Often people will be on the 2nd or 3rd floor or at the flag room itself to attack people who attempt to get the flag, they usually have lots of bandages for injuries.

Outside Fighter: An important part of the team are the fighters who scatter themselves over the land to attack people who try to get to your castle or get back to their own. VERY smart to have lots of bandages.

Ditractions: Another important group of players are those who only go to make the teams THINK that they're trying to kill them or get the flag. This can distract the people who range, mage, and use the catapult making easy entry for those actually trying to get the flag.

Catapult Destroyers: Some low level players hurry their fastest to get up with a climbing rope and an explosive potion or tinderbox to blow up the enemy catapult so that they can't use it. Although the damage isn't huge, it can help your flaggers get less damage when invading.

In addition to all of those positions needing to be occupied for your best chances, it's obvious that level will take a huge part in this. Having full prayer is recommended if you can do protect spells as they will come in a LOT of handy since people will be doing damage to you like crazy.

If your flag is dropped, and you hurry to grab it, you can grab your own flag. Jagex made this so that users could take their own flag back to their own base to make it safe again... not a bad idea, but here's a better one... Why not run around with it?!? If you're high level, have good armor, and/or have prayer and bandages, you can run and hold the flag while being on about 20 people's hitlists and make it so that they can't get it until they go through you, occasionally this happens and is the key reason why that team wins, because it's a distraction which can last from 5-15 mins depending on the level of the player and the tactics they use to stay alive with the flag.

If you're going for tickets like crazy, but seem to not be winning, play one game and see who wins. Always play the opposite team of who won before, usually the high level and "good" players who keep winning will switch teams every game to try not to have the "noobs" as they call it on their team only to win and not to help win (Even player mods did it, I played like 5 games and there were like 7 player mods there). I hope you all enjoy Castle Wars as much as I do, and I hope that you'll be able to win at it from help of this guide. Have fun everybody!