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   Anti-Hack Protection Runescape Guide
Written By: Chinstar

Guide Type: Free

Anti-Hack Protection Runescape Guide:
Note Before Reading - This guide is not an anti-scam guide, so do not get confused with this guide and the other guide located here. There is also a category specially made for scams/hacks in our forums. A direct link to this forum is here.

How to keep your account safe:

1. Never tell anyone your password.

2. Always have a long and hard password like �yrn74566jg�.

3. Never accept any .exe .bat .bi files or any file types you have never heard of, especially from a person you don't trust�

4. Never try to download an autoer because 3 reasons 1# most don�t work and will get your
password 2# its against the rules of runescape 3# they mess up your comp.

5. Never tell anyone your ip address.

6. Never go on hack sites.

7. Never try to hack because 7/10 if you don�t know it will back fire.

8. Never ask people to train your account up as they might take it.

9. Never tell others your password recovery-questions.

10. Never tell anyone on the internet your credit-card if you want to pay someone or buy something do it off the following 1# paypal and worldpay 2# on an safe site.

Emails from Jagex:
There are many people pretending to be Jagex Staff or impersonating its creators. It is easy to forge emails, so don't trust an email just because it looks official.
Real staff will NEVER ask you for your password!
To help you be sure that correspondance from us is genuine, we send all messages to your RuneScape Message Centre. This is accessible from the RuneScape front page, and will require your RuneScape in-game login details (again, please be sure that you are at

Helpful Software (RS and Computer-Safety Related):

Ad-Aware: This free program is AdAware 6.0 and can scan your computer for harmful spyware and adware (helps to stop some popups and advertisements that randomly come up even when not browsing websites) and can pick up some things that even Norton and AVG Antivirus won't even find.

ZoneAlarm Firewall: This is a great free firewall to protect from hackers, keyloggers, trojans and other harmful things accessing your computer through your internet.

Windows Update: This is where you can update Microsoft Windows.

AVG Antivirus Free: This popular Antivirus software is considered to be one of the most in-depth scans your computer can get, and is comparible to Norton Antivirus for free.

Hackfix: This site is if you been hacked and want to delete the trojan or other type of virus it tell you how to here.

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