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   Canoe Runescape Guide
Written By: Detox

Guide Type: Members only

Canoe Runescape Guide:
Canoes were introduced to RuneScape on 7th of March , 2006. One of the preferred forms of transportation along the River Lum and into the level 32 wilderness. To be able to use this system, you must have a minimum of level 12 Woodcutting and an axe.


12 is the minimum level to be able to use a canoe and 57 is the level which will enable you to use all types of canoe.


Which canoe you made will depend on how far up, or down, the River Lum you can go.


Please Note :
#Only a Waka canoe will take you to Wildy 32 and it is ONE WAY so get prepared before going.
#Certain canoes will only take you to certain places
#You can only go up from Lumbridge
#There are only four canoe stations situated in the River Lum

Types of Canoes

Waka Canoe

The best canoe to make IF you have 57 woodcutting.
It will transport you anywhere and everywhere around the River Lum.
Upon cutting and making it gives you 150 woodcuting expirience points.

Dugout Canoe

The third best canoe to make and it requires 27 Woodcutting to craft and use.
It will only transport you for a maximum of two stations.
Upon cutting and making it gives you 60 woodcutting experience points.

Stable Dugout Canoe

Second best canoe to make and it requires 42 woodcutting to make.
It is able to transport you anywhere between the four stations EXLUDING the wilderness station.
Upon cutting and making it gives you 90 woodcutting experience points.

Log Canoe

Undoubtely the worst Canoe currently available and it only requires a minimum of a level 12 Woodcutting.
It is only able to transport you withing a one station radios.
Upon cutting and making it gives you 30 woodcutting experience points.

Making a Canoe

Before you go any further, you need an axe.

1. Find a Canoe station which is closer to you. (There are four of them and they have been marked in the map above)

2. Go to a Canoe tree and click the option "Chop Down". (Every member can see only their own Canoe Tree so this way no one will ever take your tree. [image]

3. After you let your character cut down the tree click "Shape - Canoe". [image]

4. Now you will be shown four different type of Canoes. [image]

Click the highest type of canoe you can craft then click the option "Float - Canoe".[ [image]

5. After you have floated your canoe you will get a "Please select your destination screen" will come up. Places you are unable to go will be marked off. [image]

6. Get on that canoe and you will see a small cutscene of your character Canoing. [image]