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   Wilderness/PK'ing Runescape Guide
Written By: Galbatronix

Guide Type: Free

Wilderness/PK'ing Runescape Guide:
These are some of the stratergies which you must know in the wilderness:

  1. Never attack the unarmed person
    This is for a number of reasons, the most promenint being you don't know what he could be hiding!-- Genious PK'ers will often hide their equipment, waiting until someone is stupid enough to attack them. Then, they will whip it out and totally bulldoze you. Another reason is that it's useless-- they probably have nothing on them, and the skull you'll acheive isn't worth the 5 K exp you'll get, because you'll probably lose a little more than 5 K in items. Unless you follow strategy number 2, attacking an unarmed person is stupid and dangerous.

  2. Wilderness Capes (Members)
    A great way to make money is to hide idle, smack in the middle of the wilderness, near a cape salesman. The trick to this is to be so far north that he is just barely on your key map (above your inventory). This way, you can monitor the salesman without being seen by the person buying the cape. You know someone is buying a cape because the salesman will stop for a good period of time, perhaps ten seconds or so. If you mount yourself on a high area, you can even watch the player buy the cape. As he is buying it, dash up to the player and attack him. You will likely get about 1 K and possibly some of his armor or weaponry. Then, go back up to your hiding place and repeat this next time someone daddles along.

  3. High-Traffic Areas
    There are a number of paths in the wilderness that are constantly being followed by someone. A good PK'er will stake himself out at one of these spots and butcher the next to come along. But if he isn't in armor, don't bother.

  4. Lava Maze
    All you rangers out there, this is your sanctium. Very easy PK'ing can take place here. Simply because of all the winding lava! You can fire over it and the odds passerby will attack you is small, because they don't want a skull, and then die to the KBD or rather get their med and die on their way out of the wildy, a skull over their head.

Wilderness Map:

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