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   Legends Guild Runescape Guild Guide
Written By: Psycho944

Corrections/Additions: NickleJo

City Type: Members only

Legends Guild Runescape Guild Guide:
Welcome to the Legends Guild!
Requirements - Legends Quest must be completed.
Location - North-East of Ardougne's East Gate

When you first go into the gate you get a nice greeting

Next on the Western side youll see the Legends Quest start points

When you first walk into the doors youll see the Golden Totem Pole(from the quest)


Down stairs are tons of little pit scorpions

Past the scorpions are Shadow Warriors

2nd floor:

The Legends General Store:
(Most items can be sold for fairly high prices here, much higher than the other General Stores)

Up the East ladder is the bank

and up the West ladder is the Legends store

End of the Legends Guild guide.

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