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   Cooking Guild Runescape Guild Guide
Written By: Psycho944

Corrections/Additions: Greenblood09

City Type: Free

Cooking Guild Runescape Guild Guide:
Welcome to the Cooking Guild!
Location : North-west of Juliet's House/West Bank of Varrock
Requirements:32 cooking and a Chef's Hat

Entering the chefs guild/First floor
Here is the main entrance where the Head Chef is

First floor there is a sink and a flour bin and a chocolate bar spawn

On the second floor there are 2 cooking apple spawns, a bowl spawn, a cake tin spawn, and 2 ranges.

On the third floor is a grape spawn, cooking apple spawn, jug spawn, pot spawn, and the hoppers for the grain.

Ironically enough there is no grain located near there.

This is the end of the Cooking Guilds Guide!

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