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   Ranged Guild Runescape Guild Guide
Written By: Psycho994

Corrections/Additions: Rwbin

City Type: Members only

Ranged Guild Runescape Guild Guide:
Location: The city of Hemenster (South-West of Seers North-East of the fishing guild)
Requirements: 40+ Ranged

Welcome to the ranged guild.

When you first walk inside there are 4 shops, 4 Live-Fire towers and an archery competition area

This is the Range Competition where you get tickets:

This is the ranging tower where you need a longbow to fight rangers who shoot back. This is very good ranged exp, but warning, it can get quite dangerous, so always take alot of food. The tower advisors will tell you which side is the best side to range for your ranged level.

This is Aaron's Archery Appendage armor store where you can buy all your leather ranging goods:

Next is Dargaud's Bows and Arrows where you can get all your arrows,tips, shafts, and lower end short and long bows

This is the ticket exchange for all your wonderful money you spent

The throwing axe store for the axes and javelins from bronze to rune

This is the end of the ranging guild guide.

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