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   Mining Guild Runescape Guild Guide
Written By: Goten070

Corrections/Additions: -=G'ed=-

City Type: Free

Mining Guild Runescape Guild Guide:
Requirements: 60 Mining.
Location: An entrance inside the Dwarf Mines, or else by a ladder behind the West Falador Bank.

Here is a picture of all entrances to the Dwarf Mines, and one direct entrance to the Mining Guild:

The mining guild containes 37 coal rocks, and 5 mithril rocks.


Here are the two possible routes from each entrance to enter the Mining Guild from inside the Dwarf Mines.

This is the shortest route. The ladder for this entrance is located in the bottom navy dot on the map above.

This is the longer route, and is the route which I dont recommend taking, but it still is a possible route. The entrance for this is the navy blue dot near the top of the map above, and this is located near the cannon salesman.

I hope you enjoy mining at the mining guild, and just one side note: Watch out for Random Events.

*This guide is not to be copied without the permission of Goten070 or Rune Masters!*