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   Catherby Runescape City Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

City Type: Members only

Catherby Runescape City Guide:

Welcome to the city of Catherby, just West of White Wolf Mountain. This city is in Member's only territory, so you must be a member on a member's server to go here.

  1. White Wolf Mountain

    Here is the exit from White Wolf Mountain to enter Catherby, there are lots of wolves here, so be careful. There are level 25 Wolves, level 38 White Wolves, and level 73 Big Wolves, so you have to be using good armor and/or a lot of food.

  2. Dwarven Tunnel

    North of Catherby is the Dwarven Tu nnel, which you can pass through once you've finished the Fishing Contest quest. This tunnel is underground and goes underneath White Wolf Mountain, from Taverley to Catherby and vicce versa.

  3. Catherby Fishing Area

    This is one of the most popular fishing areas in all of Runescape, because it has 2 places to Cage and Harpoon fish, 3 places to Net and Harpoon fish, and 2 places to Net and Bait fish. Here you can fish a lot of the different kinds of fish in Runescape, and it's close to a bank and range.

  4. Harry's Fishing Shop

    Here you can buy and sell raw fish to and from Harry for cheap prices, since the shop is almost always highly stocked. The prices do vary with quantity, because quantity changes a lot. It is a good place to train cooking, since you can buy fish very cheap, and cook them in the range nearby.

  5. Hickton's Archery Emporium

    Here you can buy all kinds of ranged and fletching equipment from Hickton for pretty cheap prices. This shop is often stocked pretty well, most of the time full of arrows. The prices vary with quantity because many people buy and sell arrows here.

  6. Bank Room

    Right here there are 3 chests behind a gate, a Bank table, a Study table, and a bucket of water spawn.

  7. Caleb's Kitchen

    Here is Caleb's Kitchen, who you need to talk to to get one piece of the Family Crest. In his kitchen is a Range, a Sink, and a burnt fish, bucket of water, knife, and jug of water spawn.

  8. Range

    Here is one of the 2 ranges here in Catherby, commonly used to cook fish that are caught in the fishing area. There is also a woman and a man who spawn here that you can fight or pickpocket.

  9. Catherby's Bank

    Here is Catherby's Bank of Runescape, where you can withdraw and deposit your items in and out of your personal bank account.

  10. Repellant Room

    Downstairs in here is an Insect Repellant spawn on a table, and upstairs is a Jug of Wine spawn on a table.

  11. Candle Shop

    Here is the Candle Shop, where you can buy candles for 3 gp each, the shop normally carries 10 at a time. You can also have him make you black candles for a quest, but you must pay him since he says it's bad luck.

  12. Arhein Store

    If you talk to Arhein, you can buy and sell items here at this general store. These items aren't always here, but here are the prices of them for this quantity. Prices may vary with quantity, and all items can be bought from here if in stock, and all items can be sold here.
I hope you enjoy exploring Catherby!

This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ, but was posted on this site under permission of the owners of RuneHQ.