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   Canifis Runescape City Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

City Type: Members only

Canifis Runescape City Guide:
Welcome to the great town of Canifis, also known as Werewolf Village. To have access to this great town, you must have completed the Priest in Peril quest. You must be a member to complete the quest and/or access this area.

1. Priest In Peril Castle

Here while you're doing the Priest in Peril quest, you knock on this door to get started. Inside there is 3 floors to the castle, containing Monks of Zamorak levels 19 and 30.

2. Saradomin's Holy Dungeon's Trapdoor

Here is the trapdoor which takes you into the dungeon, which you must go through to get to Canifis. You have to do many steps to get through all of the gates during the quest, and then the Holy Barrier at the end to get to the town.

3. Holy River Bridge

Here is the bridge which you cross to get into Canifis, shortly after going through the Holy Barrier the trapdoor to get back into the dungeon and out the other way is right behind my character.

4. Fidelio's General Store

Fidelio is the great wolf who actually have managed to smuggle artifacts from the human part of Runescape into Morytania, but due to the great dangers and risks he put himself in, his nerves aren't the same as the once where, and here is what he is selling:

5. Sbott's Tannery

Have you got any cow hides, or dragon hides need tanning? Then Sbott's tannery is the right place for you, Sbott is rumored to be the fastest tanner in Morytania! The quality of is product is also excellent, and his amazingly low prices are shown below:

6. Hair of the Dog Tavern

Need a break? Finishing off the day? Or maybe you just wanna hear some gossip, no matter what, you find it all at the town's tavern! The manager of the inn, Roavar, always have a good gossip or a tremendous tale to tell, this 400 year old wolf can tell you about everything from the battle of the river Salve, to gossip about the shopkeepers nearby, or the tale about the wolf getting trapped by the three humans.
He also sells his delicious foul smelling brew, Moonlight Mead, for only 5 coins, it tastes like something just died in your mouth, so you should really try it on, and when your glass is empty, you can refill with ale from barrels near the entrance.

7. Canifis Town Bank

Miss your stuff, or you have something you want to keep safe? Then you are lucky, you don't have to cross to Kandarin and go to Varrock! The bank will most likely keep your armour/weapons/coins/etc... safe for you while you take a beer at the inn.

8. Rufus' Meat Emporium

Hungry? Want it rrrraw and wrrriggling? Then Rufus' Meat Emporium is the place for you, his shops contains a wide selection of raw food, from chickens to sharks, and his prices aren't too bad either:

9. Barker's Habidashery

And the last activity in Canifis, rather bizarre, but still an option, is to kill the polite citizens there, though if you do not bring the wolfbane to kill them with, they will shift shape into a giant wolf on two legs.

But I bet none of you would like to kill those nice people who always have a nice little comment to you like:

"Get lost!"
"If you talk to me once more I'll eat you!"
"Get out of my way!"

So then it comes back to the only drawback with Canifis, it lies in a swamp, so you can't move on further into Morytania as the swamp has overflood the road. Maybe eventually the waters will descend and open up new land for us to explore...

This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ, but was posted on this website under the permission of the owners of RuneHQ.