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   Burthorpe Runescape City Guide
Written By: Viralmonkey

City Type: Members only

Burthorpe Runescape City Guide:

Welcome to Burthorpe, a fairly new town in RuneScape. This is the town that holds the front line against the Trolls of the north. The guard here have a strong presence and train at point '3' on the map.

Here are the points on the map in greater detail:

  1. The Heroes Guild is the place to go if you have completed the 'Heroes Quest'.

    Entrance to Heros Guild

    It is the place where you charge the Amulet of Glory (a great amulet that can teleport you to Al Kharid, Edgeville, Karamja and Draynor Village)


    This is a great place for it holds a weapons store, a mine (with rune rocks) and the fountain of glory.

  2. The 'Toad and Chicken' pub sells 3 Different types of beers:



    I prefer buying wizard mind bombs here because it is in a trade screen so you can buy 10 at a time,

    whereas at Falador bar, you have to buy 1 by 1 in a chat format.

  3. This is the castle that holds a games dungeon. With an enchanted Sapphire Necklase, you can teleport

    to the 'Games Room' in which you can play Draughts (checkers) and RuneLink, there are more games in the pipeline.

    Games Room

    The ground floor (First Floor in US) holds nothing of interest other than a puzzle used in the Death Plateau quest.

  4. Dunstan the blacksmith can make steel studs for your climbing boots to help you reach the newly released ice areas to the north.


    At the end of the Death Plateau quest, he will give you a Law Talisman.

    There is an anvil that you can use, but there is little point with the nearest bank being so far away.

  5. The soldiers camp holds the Imperial Guard of Burthorpe led by Denulth. They wield claws and

    there are a few to train on placed around the town, although you cannot attack the rest.


    Denulth - the leader of the imperial guard lives in this tent:


    This is who you talk to to start the Death Plateau quest.

  6. Burthorpe General Store, nothing special as again, there is no bank to retrieve items to sell or to store bought items.


So, That was Burthorpe, not the greatest of towns, but good nonetheless.