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   Mountain Camp Runescape City Guide
Written By: willpie

City Type: Members only

Mountain Camp Runescape City Guide:
Location: West of Rellekka

Requirements: If you have completed the Mountain Daughter Quest, none. If not, a rope is essential.

Welcome to the Mountain Camp! This city has a lot of features that are used in the Mountain Daughter Quest, but unfortunately, not much else to offer.

  1. The Entrance

    You can only use this way of getting into the camp if you have started the Mountain Daughter quest. A guard is here to stop any 'outerlanders' that do not have the entry permission.

  2. The Boulder

    This method of entry is only required if you haven't started the Mountain Daughter quest. You use a rope on it, and you will arrive at the bottom.

  3. Center of the Mountain Camp

    Now we are getting into the main section of the Mountain Camp. There are a few Camp Dwellers there, mostly level 31. There are also three useless tents.

  4. Hamal the Chieftain's Tent

    Here is where you start the Mountain Daughter Quest.

  5. Ancient Rock

    This tent holds the Ancient Rock that you need to mine during the Mountain Daughter Quest. Nearby, there is a mud pool and one rock spawn, which are used for the Mountain Daughter Quest.

  6. Farm

    The farm is run by Jokul. There are a few Mountain Goats, along with three rock spawns and one pole spawn. The pole and Jokul are both used in the Mountain Daughter Quest.

  7. Ragnar

    Ragnar is also part of the Mountain Daughter Quest. Not too far away, there is the tree that you climb for the Mountain Daughter Ques t.

  8. Set of Trees

    These trees are to be cut down to get to the Kendal (the man in a bear suit, acting like a god), again, as part of the Mountain Daughter Quest.

Well, that concludes our visit to the Mountain Camp! Enjoy!