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   Entrana Runescape City Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

City Type: Members only

Entrana Runescape City Guide:

  1. Entrana Dock

    Here is where you arrive and depart to and from Entrana Island.

  2. Frinco's Fabulous Herb Store

    Here you can buy herblaw equipment to make potions.

  3. Sand Pit

    This isn't the biggest part of Entrana island, but many come here to get sand close to a furnace to make glass.

  4. Range

    Here is one of the 3 ranges on Entrana Island, for cooking food on.

  5. Entrana's Furnace

    You can make glass here, and it's very close to a sand pit, so it is a big attraction to the island.

  6. Entrana Church

    In the Entrana's Church of Saradomin, there are some Monks and the High Priest, which you need to talk to for The Holy Grail.

  7. Range

    The 2nd of Entrana's 3 ranges, also made to cook food on.

  8. Entrana's Chicken House

    There are some chickens in this house inside the fenced area, and there is ANOTHER range here.

  9. Fishing Dock

    Here is a dock with 4 fishing spots, where you can Net and Bait fish.

  10. Entrana's Cave

    Here is the entrance to Entrana's Cave, which you need to go into to get the Dramen Branch from the Dramen Tree, which is needed to finish the Lost City quest.

    Here are the Zombies (Level 25), which you have to kill one to get a hatchet to cut off a branch from the Dramen tree and use as a weapon.

    Here are the Greater Demons (Level 92) which you should RUN PAST AS FAST AS YOU CAN since you don't have any armor or weapons.

    (Top) Here is the famous Tree Spirit (Level 101) which you have to beat with no armor or weapons, except an amulet, cape, and a bronze hatchet.

    (Bottom) Here is the also famous Dramen Tree, which you must chop off a branch to finish the Lost City quest.

  11. Entrana River

    In this river is another 4 fishing spots, where you can Net and Bait fish.

  12. Entrana Fire Bird

    Here is the Entrana Fire Bird (Level 2) which drops a Firebird's Feather for the Hero's Quest. You need to beat the Level 102 Ice Queen, who drops Ice Gloves, to carry the feather.

  13. Seaweed Spawn

    Here is a seaweed spawn, in case someone needs seaweed, and again, it's not the biggest part of the island, but it may be useful. Near here is a bear, so if you're a low level member, by any chance, watch out, because you can't bring weapons or armor here.

This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ, but was posted on this website under permission of the owners of RuneHQ.