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   Camelot Runescape City Guide
Written By: ViralMonkey

City Type: Members only

Camelot Runescape City Guide:

Hello and welcome to Camelot, this is the castle that is home to King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Camelot is fairly plain but it has the start of the quests Holy Grail and Merlins Crystal. There is nothing you can really do, but if you are bored, there are quite a few interesting things to see, here is the Camelot Gallery:

1. This is where people train magic, carrying an air staff and a stack of law runes, one can continuously teleport to camelot.

2. King Arthur is the person you speak to to start the Holy Grail quest and the Merlins Crystal quest.

3. This is a weird temple where you drop bat bones onto the pentagram to release a demon for the Merlins Crystal quest.

4. This is the round table.

5. This is a prayer altar at which you can replenish your prayer points.

6. This is a long table at which the knights would most likely eat.

7. This is merlin, he is a powerful wizard, but fairly useless to you.