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   Ape Atoll Runescape City Guide
City Type: Members only

Ape Atoll Runescape City Guide:

Note: You must have completed or at least started The Monkey Madness quest (to a certain extent) to access this island!

  1. Lundo/Ferry to Ape Atoll/Crash Island.

    This is where you get off the boat. If you have a Monkey Greegree then hold it and you wont get attacked by anything while on the island. If not, then I hope you have a lot of food and Antipoison Potions as everything poisons you.

  2. Entrance To The Mage cave

    If you go down that ladder make sure you have Prayer Potions, Antipoison Potions, and lots of food! You will be needing Protect from Melee to keep your skin alive down there. If you can be a monkey, just stay in monkey form when you go down the ladder and all you will need is food and Antipoisons.

  3. Shark fishing spot.

    Heres a great spot for high level fishers to fish some food! Number 11 on the map is also a fishing spot (for Shark), but this is a safer spot then the other one.

  4. General Store

    Not much in here, just here so you can get rid of some extra items for a little bit of gp.

  5. Magic Stall

    Ah, If you want more Greegrees then buy the talisman and get the monkey bones that you want. Otherwise, here's some tele-runes and they are almost always full of stock on everything.

  6. Scimitar Stall

    Here's the Scimitar Stall and what the products are and the prices.

  7. Jail

    You will see this place a lot if you aren't a monkey! You get thrown in basically if you get knocked out.

  8. Monkey Temple

    In this place Protect from Melee is mandatory! These things hit really good for their level (Level-167). There is also an Altar to recharge your prayer.

  9. Awowogei

    You can only get to Awowogei if you're in Karamja monkey form. Once inside you can go into whatever form of monkey (but still not human) you want!

  10. Monkey Gate

    Ah yes, The dreaded monkey gate. If you're in monkey form you wont get shot with dozens of arrows, but if you're in human form, then your going to want to put on protect from range and run into it. After that, you're thrown in jail and you should stay away from the gate when the guards are there because it will hit you for ar ound 15 damage and you will get sent flying. Note: Drink an antipoison potion straight away after being thrown in.

  11. Shark Fishing spot#2

    See info at Number 3

  12. Monkey Food Stall

    Need some monkey food? Then come here to the monkey food stall and buy your food!

  13. Crafting Stall

    Here's the Crafting Stall, where you can buy whatever you need for crafting.

  14. Bridge Jump

    If you want to get off the island just go south from awowogei but run because the monkey in the graveyard calls the guards and they will come after you and throw you in jail! (If your'e a monkey just walk up to the ladder and click it.You have to be a human to jump off,so dequipt your greegree and jump off. Once standing again immediately wield the Greegree again and go south to see Lundo, he will take you to Crash Island where Gundar will take you back to the main land.

    Theiving in Ape Atoll

    Required Levels:
    Crafting/Banana Stalls: 5 Theiving
    Magic/Scimitar Stall: 65 Theiving

    Note: You must be human in order to thieve.