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   Varrock Runescape City Guide
City Type: Free

Varrock Runescape City Guide:
  1. Sewers
    This is the varrock sewers, which is a good training place for f2pers and p2pers alike.

  2. Rune Shop
    This is the Rune Shop where you can buy runes and where you can be teleported to the Rune Essence Mine to mine rune essence.

  3. Churches
    These are the churchs in varrock where you can recharge your prayer points.

  4. Anvils
    These are the anvils of varrock, which are convienently located right next to the bank. This is the best place in f2p to smith because of its proximity to the bank.

  5. Banks
    These are the east and west banks

  6. Yew Trees
    There are three Yew trees here, and usually they're empty in members worlds.

  7. Sword Shop
    Here at the sword shop you can buy Swords, Long Swords, and Daggers up to Adamantite.

  8. Ranging Shop
    At the ranging shop you can buy bows up to Maple Longbows, or a Crossbow. You can also buy Bolts and Arrows up to Adamantite.

  9. Baraek
    Baraek is the fur trader in Varrock. He sells bear furs for 20 gp each.

  10. Apothecary
    The Apothecary is part of the Romeo and Juliet Quest, and he will make you a strength potion if you give him a Limpwurt Root, a Red Spider's Eggs, and 5 gp.

  11. Clothing Store
    Here at the clothing store you can buy all sorts of cloth ranging from aprons to silk to priest gowns. You can also change your basic outfit here for a fee.

  12. Armor Shop
    Here at the Armor Shop, you can buy plate armor and studded leather armor.

  13. Romeo and Juliet
    Here is Juliet's house, which is used in the Romeo and Juliet Quest, and also has a range you can cook on.

  14. Black Arm Gang's Hideout (Shield of Arrav Quest)

  15. SouthWest Varrock Mine
    Click here for a map.

  16. Champion's Guild

  17. Gypsy's House
    Here you can start the Demon Slayer Quest.

  18. Zaff's Superior Staffs
    You can buy all kinds of staffs here from Zaff.

  19. General Store

  20. SouthEast Varrock Mine
    Click here for a map.

  21. Blue Moon Inn
    Here you can buy beer for 2gp, and you can find Johnny the Beard (Shield of Arrav Quest). Upstairs there is a Pirate's Chest that is part of the Pirate's Treasure Quest.

  22. Lucien's House

  23. Dimintheis's house
    Here is where you start the Family Crest Quest.

  24. Cooking Guild

  25. Varrock Palace